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  • iCalvin
    iCalvin20 hours ago

    you cant kick someone out of the state…

  • TheWalrusman
    TheWalrusman20 hours ago

    tldr because you can't sit through this. "I am truly sorry as this is not my fault, it was someone else, i was fooled everybody"

  • Kevin Rod
    Kevin Rod20 hours ago

    Zain babyyyyy

  • Kevin Rod
    Kevin Rod20 hours ago

    You never apologize

  • Jackob PRO
    Jackob PRO20 hours ago

    Why is it kay not faze kay

  • ZonePlayz
    ZonePlayz20 hours ago


  • Kevin Rod
    Kevin Rod20 hours ago

    Lying in camera coward

  • Kevin Rod
    Kevin Rod20 hours ago

    I don’t believe you at all

  • Kevin Rod
    Kevin Rod20 hours ago

    Hopefully you get what you deserve

  • Yousaidwhat?
    Yousaidwhat?20 hours ago

    Kay two days later: "JAAVIS BWUV"

  • Doomsday destroyer
    Doomsday destroyer20 hours ago

    He needs to pay for what he has done

  • Toolsite
    Toolsite20 hours ago

    Probably not gonna see him in the next few years

  • Mano Shamooni
    Mano Shamooni20 hours ago

    Everyone will believe that man

  • Ceasar Ponce
    Ceasar Ponce20 hours ago

    Man really went from "faze Kay" to just "Kay" okay 😂🤣

  • ali Barootyan
    ali Barootyan20 hours ago

    You need no help, you have already crossed the red line kay, expect no help from fans...

  • El Ryan
    El Ryan21 hour ago

    Deserved it

  • Just a kid with a dream 💭
    Just a kid with a dream 💭21 hour ago

    Mans had to change his whole name lol to just kay

  • Calixte Boileau
    Calixte Boileau21 hour ago

    Who’s faze Kay??

  • (ᵍʰᵒ$ᵗ)ʙᵃʙʏȒ̈Ȏ̈N̑̈
    (ᵍʰᵒ$ᵗ)ʙᵃʙʏȒ̈Ȏ̈N̑̈21 hour ago


  • RoBLoX_playz_198
    RoBLoX_playz_19821 hour ago

    Sup fornite Hacker

  • Retard
    Retard21 hour ago

    haha u got kicked

  • YumRum28
    YumRum2821 hour ago

    “It’s So Hard” 😭😭😭😭

  • Ninqa TGT
    Ninqa TGT22 hours ago

    its sad because the video before this was his mum reuniting with him and jarvis and 1 month later this happens. his mum would be disappointment

  • Jordan Zamora
    Jordan Zamora22 hours ago

    And with Jarvis he will be a goat to

  • Jordan Zamora
    Jordan Zamora22 hours ago

    Hey man you will still be the goat no matter what

  • Saraa Shameem
    Saraa Shameem22 hours ago

    Your out of faze clan

  • ToadMilk
    ToadMilk22 hours ago

    Idk who tf this guy is but if he telling the truth you guys gonna look like clowns no cap 🤡

  • Lawrence Lopez
    Lawrence Lopez22 hours ago

    here's the attention you wanted

  • Glen Jay Goddard
    Glen Jay Goddard22 hours ago

    sure you lier

  • N LG
    N LG22 hours ago

    30 years would be dope. Let’s hope you get there champ!!! 🙏🏽

  • anonymous visoter22
    anonymous visoter2222 hours ago

    I bet it was the dj cook video

  • Gavin Waldron
    Gavin Waldron23 hours ago

    That brown and white one is mine

  • Miguel Gonzalez bravo
    Miguel Gonzalez bravo23 hours ago

    He’s insane jarvis

  • Nolan 999
    Nolan 99923 hours ago

    Kay man your alright btw thanks for trying to help absorber

  • tsm darian
    tsm darian23 hours ago

    Man i believe u

  • Menice
    Menice 23 hours ago


  • Omxvga
    Omxvga23 hours ago

    As a wise man once said, don't be quick to put the blame on others, because you were apart of it as well.

  • Jacob’s Wrld
    Jacob’s Wrld23 hours ago


  • SoLaizy
    SoLaizy23 hours ago

    Yea rite

  • Santino Cox
    Santino Cox23 hours ago

    I don’t know who to believe

  • Alexis Martinez
    Alexis Martinez23 hours ago

    Even had to change ur name wow

  • fqturez
    fqturezDay ago

    bro gotta blink

  • Apex_PUMBAA
    Apex_PUMBAADay ago


  • MrStealYoGirl
    MrStealYoGirlDay ago

    "Ight imma head out"

  • Banana Monkey
    Banana MonkeyDay ago

    Duse you coped from zealous

  • Cody Cosha
    Cody CoshaDay ago

    Kay, I believe u. You are one of the faces of faze in my opion.

  • TheWalrusman
    TheWalrusman20 hours ago

    lol, not anymore

  • Moth .
    Moth .Day ago


  • thekidblack111
    thekidblack111Day ago

    Independent *wink wink*

  • Sxps0
    Sxps0Day ago

    It runs in the family

  • YamatoHD
    YamatoHDDay ago

    Who needs blinking when you're high as a kite right?

  • Leila the cat123
    Leila the cat123Day ago

    This aged like fine wine

  • Leila the cat123
    Leila the cat123Day ago


  • Spark5466
    Spark5466Day ago

    Is anyone else watching this and feeling like this is like the talk FaZe Jarvis gave us when he got banned on fortnite?

  • Ducky
    DuckyDay ago

    welp i guess kay and jarvis are tied

  • Roblox Masterz
    Roblox MasterzDay ago

    Just subbed!!

  • Roblox Masterz
    Roblox MasterzDay ago

    I love among us IRL!!! I just played it yesterday.

  • Siontx
    SiontxDay ago

    im sorry but i cant belive it unless i was there !!!

  • walker
    walkerDay ago

    as much as i feel bad for kay, there is evidence that he’s lying and it pains me to know that😭

  • ConmanYT
    ConmanYTDay ago


  • Michael Nezar
    Michael NezarDay ago

    It’s so hard

  • Goku ssj -
    Goku ssj -Day ago

    Sorry kay I hop you go to faze clan and don’t cry

  • infernox 1313
    infernox 1313Day ago

    SO HARD...

  • the real GNSS_sniper
    the real GNSS_sniperDay ago

    this feels like a remake of the jarvis sorry video

  • Maddox Vass
    Maddox VassDay ago

    When you can’t talk about Sam pepper

  • calledsnow
    calledsnowDay ago

    he has more likes than dislikes but then the comments are like:

  • Thy
    ThyDay ago

    I blinked more in the first 2 seconds than he did the entire video

  • KZ Snow
    KZ SnowDay ago


  • Silvia García
    Silvia GarcíaDay ago

    Omg that is so mean i am not wocking your videos eny more he is my favorit USplan

  • light bolt
    light boltDay ago


  • SportsTalkHQ
    SportsTalkHQDay ago

    You should be the one under arrest

  • dj_zombex jack
    dj_zombex jackDay ago

    Nah he rlly just blamed the other person

  • dophline Mohammed alsultan
    dophline Mohammed alsultanDay ago

    Jarvis would be storng even more MORE MORE what be happend

  • ShaYaaNツ
    ShaYaaNツDay ago

    of course he talks about money :/

  • PopBanjo
    PopBanjoDay ago

    Kay you will make this right love ya man

  • King Slayer
    King SlayerDay ago

    Faze Kay I your a nice guy I know you did not do anything

  • TheWalrusman
    TheWalrusman20 hours ago

    get informed

    VIBE UPDay ago

    He not faze anymore lol

  • King Slayer
    King SlayerDay ago

    I know

  • Kirun
    KirunDay ago


  • IB Salinas Ibarcena Borja
    IB Salinas Ibarcena BorjaDay ago

    Thief 🧀🧀🧀🧀👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️📜