100 Layers of Fortnite Materials Vs FaZe Jarvis


  • Kay
    Kay2 months ago

    subscribe or we'll destroy ur house

  • Annie Lee

    Annie Lee

    16 days ago

    Can y not destroy my house

  • Noah Blanco

    Noah Blanco

    18 days ago


  • My Xbox name is reanimate pc

    My Xbox name is reanimate pc

    20 days ago


  • My Xbox name is reanimate pc

    My Xbox name is reanimate pc

    20 days ago

    @Arman8565 ok bet

  • stealthy 米

    stealthy 米

    23 days ago

    ok not to far kay

  • Dak Prescott
    Dak Prescott10 days ago

    Bro forget cobra Kai Kay is the next karate kid

  • Mohamed Bentaleb
    Mohamed Bentaleb11 days ago

    And like or we will steal your car

  • FNCS Rich-line4
    FNCS Rich-line416 days ago

    He was using hacks like fortnite

  • Tryg
    Tryg18 days ago

    8:35 pause

  • ARL Benjy
    ARL Benjy20 days ago


  • Sk_powder
    Sk_powder20 days ago

    Jarvis: i cant braethe Me: how yo talking bruv

  • My Xbox name is reanimate pc
    My Xbox name is reanimate pc20 days ago


  • SJX mtb
    SJX mtb20 days ago

    Love your goggles

    SNM_SALTY22 days ago

    Who here after they got kicked from faze

  • 1on3
    1on322 days ago


  • Catchwave22
    Catchwave2223 days ago

    You can be a subscription builder mate

  • zackillaa
    zackillaa23 days ago

    when you broke in i got so happy i watch all your vids i want a shout out love you guys

  • X2broz Gaming19
    X2broz Gaming1923 days ago

    i wish jarvis could play with me on fortnite

  • X2broz Gaming19
    X2broz Gaming1923 days ago

    tell jarvis i said hi and i feel sorry maybe for jarvis you could add me fraizer on fortnite little_soulja8

  • X2broz Gaming19
    X2broz Gaming1923 days ago

    liked and subed for yous gys

  • Flappzy
    Flappzy24 days ago

    I could do it in 10 mins you should pry it with your hands after pulling it with a pickaxe

  • GhostLasagna
    GhostLasagna26 days ago

    8:31 he was gargling alright😂

  • Voltz
    Voltz26 days ago

    Bro they needed the star wand no cap

  • Aqua Reps
    Aqua Reps27 days ago

    100 lyer dude that was 4

  • Obby_dev
    Obby_dev27 days ago

    When Jarvis realises doing this challenge counts as playing fort nite😭😭😭

  • Tyrone Sorra
    Tyrone Sorra28 days ago

    When a mystery box is actually worth it

  • Shaheer Memon
    Shaheer Memon28 days ago

    That was crazy

  • jmjchumphries
    jmjchumphries29 days ago

    Not gonna lie Jarvis In the beginning looks sick/dope in that outfit especially with the visor thing.

  • Semin Tutic
    Semin Tutic29 days ago


  • Envy Crunk
    Envy CrunkMonth ago

    Imagine the prize was Jarvis getting unbanned

  • LaZard 74
    LaZard 74Month ago

    It took fster for the brick and material than the wood

  • Tariq Ismail
    Tariq IsmailMonth ago

    r.i.p. headphone users

  • Jason and Jodi Williams
    Jason and Jodi WilliamsMonth ago

    your insane jarvis

  • jacob shorts
    jacob shortsMonth ago

    You didnt whant to use tools suddenly you have a weel with number that probably magically went there

  • Lajhár
    LajhárMonth ago

    9:29 listen with eyes closed :))

  • Jesus loves you all
    Jesus loves you allMonth ago

    Jesus loves you all

  • Jesus loves you all
    Jesus loves you allMonth ago

    Jesus loves you yes you

  • Jesus loves you all
    Jesus loves you allMonth ago

    Jesus loves you

  • Jesus loves you all
    Jesus loves you allMonth ago

    Jesus loves you all

  • Angelo Ryan
    Angelo RyanMonth ago

    Me: All the stuff that was in there they bought it

  • Jose Pena
    Jose PenaMonth ago

    Faze kay- Yes yes Jarvis yes keep going 😂😂

  • Big nut Change my
    Big nut Change myMonth ago


  • Thomas Is Broken
    Thomas Is BrokenMonth ago

    100 layers more like 3 layers

  • Thomas Ristau
    Thomas RistauMonth ago

    POV those Jordan’s are worth more than 10k

  • Dude with a Boner
    Dude with a BonerMonth ago

    At the metal part of the video it sounded so weird

  • Dude with a Boner

    Dude with a Boner

    Month ago

    (Kay) I try the little side I need to try the big one

  • Dude with a Boner

    Dude with a Boner

    Month ago

    (Kay) This is the hardest think I have did in my life

  • Dude with a Boner

    Dude with a Boner

    Month ago

    (Jarvis) yeah like that so much better

  • RTYT Vlogs
    RTYT VlogsMonth ago

    Frazier: 2000 DOLLAR PAIR OF JORDANS! The Tag On The Shoes: 11:48

  • xstream gamingx
    xstream gamingxMonth ago

    8:34 thats what she said

  • P_F_R_I_O_L
    P_F_R_I_O_LMonth ago

    Who cleaned all this

  • Alex Belmontes
    Alex BelmontesMonth ago


  • Alex Belmontes
    Alex BelmontesMonth ago


    ANDREW GAONAMonth ago

    Dude I would like to doThat with you guys

  • Zargo
    ZargoMonth ago

    Thanks Jarvis can you export something funny LoL 😂

    ULTRA KNIGHTMonth ago

    My earrrrrrssss

  • Vortex
    VortexMonth ago

    The level of creativity that is out in their videos is really good

  • Ghassan Basha

    Ghassan Basha

    Month ago


  • Yvonne Hunkin
    Yvonne HunkinMonth ago

    Jarvis knocked the brick out like he knocked out micheal lee 💀 😂

  • Jay boii
    Jay boiiMonth ago

    Who clean dis up

  • Saimir Kraja
    Saimir KrajaMonth ago

    Bro i love sardines

  • D
    DMonth ago

    Just get a M4 or an acl from cod it's aight

  • Joshua Denn II
    Joshua Denn IIMonth ago

    Who is here after the knockout

  • Stw hank
    Stw hankMonth ago

    Rip to the person who cleaned this up

  • Trey Shipp
    Trey ShippMonth ago

    who’s here when people live on mars?

  • FleX Clan
    FleX ClanMonth ago

    Imma do the cricket throw . Shows baseball throw

  • Khaled Khashashneh
    Khaled KhashashnehMonth ago

    Reinforce it, only save the world fan will get what I said

  • Blank__yt
    Blank__ytMonth ago

    Ayyo u said so far down ur throat yo I not trying tha say but ur gay

  • Jack Cleaver
    Jack CleaverMonth ago

    what happened to the 100 layers

  • Zoila Higareda
    Zoila HigaredaMonth ago


  • BOSS BABY Clips
    BOSS BABY ClipsMonth ago

    Pov ur here after jarvis ko'd michael le

  • Cayden Smith
    Cayden SmithMonth ago

    Does I take that long to break a wall though

  • Kane Jarnigan
    Kane JarniganMonth ago

    Lmao Jarvis had a whole hammer but couldn’t figure out how to get the nails out he was using the right by side

  • Danerpro213
    Danerpro213Month ago

    Faze Kay:Smack it yes Me: Pause

    GAGE PALMERMonth ago


  • ItzNathanK
    ItzNathanKMonth ago

    Who is here after Jarvis knocking Michael Le out 😂

  • Zay Zay

    Zay Zay

    25 days ago


  • LoganX naruto

    LoganX naruto

    26 days ago


  • Clips—FN


    27 days ago

    Me lol

  • TrippyGhost


    28 days ago

    Hehe me

  • LaZard 74

    LaZard 74

    Month ago

    I’m here

  • Elam Yarber
    Elam YarberMonth ago

    I’m telling epic

  • spoken scrape
    spoken scrapeMonth ago


  • Otomars Kocins
    Otomars KocinsMonth ago

    After this vidio jarvis start cring Dont hate me jarvis just a joke

  • barmy_flannel9 STREET_BOSS
    barmy_flannel9 STREET_BOSSMonth ago

    thats exercise for boxing

  • Steve Smith
    Steve SmithMonth ago

    What it feels like to brake in some ones box who has 0 ping.

    IAN MCKENZIEMonth ago

    Frazier asked what a wrench was 😂

  • footmcfOOT _18
    footmcfOOT _18Month ago

    literally the most sus vid from frazier

  • Chance Xiong
    Chance XiongMonth ago

    Bro... Just edit it😃👍🏼

  • Bradley Heath
    Bradley HeathMonth ago

    Was it fun cleaning lol. 😂😂

  • Mikey Mccoll
    Mikey MccollMonth ago

    Fam said 2k Jordans there's a tag £85

  • ben flores
    ben floresMonth ago

    they couldve bought some of those things

  • Sighrs
    SighrsMonth ago

    Lmao the jordans said 85.99$

  • fnaf master
    fnaf masterMonth ago

    JUST EDIT!?!?!??!?

  • Tom Cohesive Constructions
    Tom Cohesive ConstructionsMonth ago

    i like fortnite

  • Wayland Fields
    Wayland FieldsMonth ago

    8:34 WOAHHHHHh

  • Nicky Castillo
    Nicky CastilloMonth ago

    Why couldn't Jarvis cheat he could have faze through the wall

  • Fabian Ceja

    Fabian Ceja

    Month ago

    Omg so funny 😑

  • Abdullah tiger
    Abdullah tigerMonth ago

    Am bot gonna watch kay because his voice

  • Kieran Lobo
    Kieran LoboMonth ago

    He didn't do a forfeit for that toothpaste

  • Guiseppe Conte
    Guiseppe ConteMonth ago

    Imagine Epic Games banned Jarvis for this to 😂😂

  • Michael Page
    Michael PageMonth ago

    Bro someone needs to give the Dangie Bros some credit for all the videos that they got from them.

  • Savage Zak
    Savage ZakMonth ago

    I feel like the brick was easier than the wood

  • TheGency 15
    TheGency 15Month ago

    Repent for your sins to God thank him and pray to him

  • Rayzor jrr
    Rayzor jrrMonth ago

    Destroy my house

  • Bryan Cabrera
    Bryan CabreraMonth ago

    He’s tired but he’s keep doing it

  • CecoPro_99
    CecoPro_99Month ago

    Imagine not editing 🙄

    LEVI YTMonth ago

    I hope u guys get ur faze house back

  • Jed L.O
    Jed L.OMonth ago

    “Let’s do the cricket throw” Shows a photo of baseball 😂😂

  • Cricks FN

    Cricks FN

    Month ago

    Init that is such an American thing to do lol

  • Fanta. Official
    Fanta. OfficialMonth ago

    Anyone gonna talk ab the fact Jarvis is wearing motor cross armour????? 😂 🤣 😂 🤣

  • RubixLando
    RubixLandoMonth ago

    No wonder wood so expensive they bought all of it

  • Kenny Puent
    Kenny PuentMonth ago

    The biggest tool of them all and a quick jab at Bryce Hall was the best! That made this video so funny!

  • DarkMortis-brawlstars
    DarkMortis-brawlstarsMonth ago

    Randomly nikan: undwrrated

  • Arctic Dyno
    Arctic DynoMonth ago

    Kay carried hard jarvis just stood back