100 Mystery Buttons.. Only 1 Will Let you ESCAPE this Box!


  • Kay
    KayMonth ago

    Who can agree this is THE MOST EXTREME 100 Mystery Buttons Challenge on USplan?

  • Jordy Borgardt

    Jordy Borgardt

    16 days ago

    Not me lol



    21 day ago

    Sup kay

  • Lil Goof

    Lil Goof

    26 days ago

    Fo sho

  • Daws Da boss

    Daws Da boss

    27 days ago

    Dangle bros was

  • Christina Kyriakidou

    Christina Kyriakidou

    Month ago

    @Oliverlegendary o

  • MLG Greek Gamer Pro
    MLG Greek Gamer ProDay ago

    I am from Greek Γεια

  • XD Memer
    XD Memer2 days ago

    kay: i was wearing a white t shirt jarvis: soooo harrrd

  • Edmond Poochay
    Edmond Poochay2 days ago

    lol when Jarvis got sausage kay was like what kind is it

  • DaveAlfed
    DaveAlfed3 days ago


  • Dragon master 2013
    Dragon master 20133 days ago

    At five minutes Jarvis has ketchup and Kay has mustard soon there gonna start world war three and say KETCHUP NO MUSTARD

  • Jay Perkins
    Jay Perkins4 days ago

    Hi kay

  • Jay Perkins
    Jay Perkins4 days ago


  • AaLynn Odell
    AaLynn Odell6 days ago

    Just here looking for the snowflake comment complaining about wasting food.

  • IttoRyuu
    IttoRyuu7 days ago

    i wonder if they are gonna choose somebody of the subscribers to be part of the faze clan reneber guys to hit that bell and subcribe to to them also like

  • PHMP L1Btw
    PHMP L1Btw7 days ago


  • Jiedengguo ŸËŠ
    Jiedengguo ŸËŠ8 days ago

    Bruhhh rip getting kicked by Faze

  • Greg Georgalli
    Greg Georgalli10 days ago

    I will

  • Greg Georgalli
    Greg Georgalli10 days ago


  • Greg Georgalli
    Greg Georgalli10 days ago

    I will

  • coal
    coal11 days ago


  • Robloxexprince
    Robloxexprince11 days ago

    Rug faze Ben Cwc dangi who’s next

  • Robloxexprince


    11 days ago

    Hope more do this type of video

  • ali R
    ali R12 days ago


  • Camilo Rodriguez
    Camilo Rodriguez13 days ago

    Who is after Kay got kicked out faze clan

    WOLF_GANG YT13 days ago

    is this the first 100 mystery buttons video?

  • iNfinus YT
    iNfinus YT13 days ago

    That Was Vienna Sausages Ahahaha I Love Those Little Things!

  • Justin Farquharson
    Justin Farquharson13 days ago

    If you have a 100 buttons and one is to get out then you don't have a 100 buttons it's 99

  • gamer Boi 152
    gamer Boi 15215 days ago

    You coped Preston plays

  • Mr Greens
    Mr Greens15 days ago

    i think kay will get out first

  • Emilio and Jayden
    Emilio and Jayden17 days ago

    Sorr faze Kay idc what they say😒

  • Quinta Higgs
    Quinta Higgs17 days ago

    Kay out fa🙌🏾

  • Yazzy Troche
    Yazzy Troche17 days ago


  • BraylonDaBoss
    BraylonDaBoss17 days ago

    1:40 JARVIS SUS

  • Edward.msj
    Edward.msj17 days ago

    Jarvis: Brilliant Harry Potter: Brilliant Me: There identical!

  • Little Fbg
    Little Fbg18 days ago

    Rip Jarvis 4:04

  • fareed Alhassan
    fareed Alhassan18 days ago


  • Zay Harris
    Zay Harris18 days ago


  • Aimmy Andy
    Aimmy Andy19 days ago

    Morgz 2.0?

  • kimvsean09
    kimvsean0920 days ago

    I'm a a lunchbox bruv \_._._/

  • Noam Mazor
    Noam Mazor20 days ago

    Jarvis bro press the pink button

  • killer trainz
    killer trainz20 days ago

    5:56 givenchy,lv

  • Maro Man
    Maro Man20 days ago

    Kay u spelled prizes wrong

  • WhoKxlledJxn
    WhoKxlledJxn20 days ago

    1:50 Some Nut

  • N0t _M1key
    N0t _M1key20 days ago

    "100 USplanr Mystery Buttons but Only One Lets You Escape..." HMM THIS REMINDS ME OF SOMETHIJNG

  • Quincy Wilson
    Quincy Wilson21 day ago

    I think Faze Kay is getting out first

  • Adventures with Airon&Ariana

    Adventures with Airon&Ariana

    18 days ago

    Yea me too bro

  • The twins 2z steps
    The twins 2z steps21 day ago

    Can I be a shout out

  • xavii dxn
    xavii dxn22 days ago

    A white shirt turned into a yellow shirt lol

  • Josh the youtuber
    Josh the youtuber22 days ago

    Morgz copyed lol

  • SoulTaken
    SoulTaken23 days ago


  • Jessie Herrera
    Jessie Herrera24 days ago

    I didnt think you would ever do that to fans

  • Zeshan Mehmood
    Zeshan Mehmood24 days ago

    That fish was sus 4:07

  • donnyboi3212
    donnyboi321224 days ago

    Why don’t they press every button

  • WIlliam's World
    WIlliam's World25 days ago

    you are the best

  • jake roblox xD
    jake roblox xD25 days ago

    who elase saw preston do the smae thing

  • Lucas Flora
    Lucas Flora25 days ago


  • Gluey
    Gluey25 days ago

    I love how Jarvis does not want to touch himself and Frazier is coating himself in mustard

  • Fn kylanYT

    Fn kylanYT

    25 days ago


  • Stone Wolfe1500
    Stone Wolfe150025 days ago

    Who else heard faze rugs hater diss track at 8:40??

  • MrSulthan
    MrSulthan25 days ago

    Easy way: sit in the edge of the room

  • Kenneth Molina
    Kenneth Molina26 days ago

    4:07 so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Beckham Gier
    Beckham Gier26 days ago


  • Fredra abdulmasseh
    Fredra abdulmasseh26 days ago

    Why do people say that there is 100 but like we can see there is like 20 or 24 or less

  • Anouk Scheres
    Anouk Scheres27 days ago


  • Faris Sinokrot
    Faris Sinokrot27 days ago

    4:39 nice gramer Faze kay Fishes

  • guillermo barrios
    guillermo barrios27 days ago

    Jarvis got cream pied😩😩

  • Just a Day
    Just a Day28 days ago

    Imagine if the camera wasn’t recording lol

  • hydronic dash
    hydronic dash28 days ago

    Did you buy this of preston

  • Jack Whitehead
    Jack Whitehead28 days ago

    Omg that’s cream not shampoo

  • Abbas Kayed
    Abbas Kayed28 days ago


  • Fortnite_Faze_Galaxy
    Fortnite_Faze_Galaxy28 days ago

    They need to give dangle bros credit but more than 10 people have shouted them out if you look in the description most you tubers have the dange bros Chanel lincked

  • Fred Kits
    Fred Kits28 days ago

    Why the fuck did I have about 50 adverts

  • Madi Pro
    Madi Pro29 days ago

    Good Luck boys

  • Madi Pro
    Madi Pro29 days ago

    Fun video

  • Madi Pro
    Madi Pro29 days ago

    👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 fun video

  • Madi Pro
    Madi Pro29 days ago

    Poor Faze Jarvis and Faze Kay poor boys

  • Madi Pro
    Madi Pro29 days ago

    Nice video

  • Madi Pro
    Madi Pro29 days ago

    Nice video so funny 😂

  • Pxl シ
    Pxl シ29 days ago

    Nobody: Kay: What am I a lunch box bro?!

  • Togia
    Togia29 days ago

    Jarvis gonna get out first

  • MANU gaming
    MANU gaming29 days ago

    9:00 🤣

  • HoodieWALKIIN_K
    HoodieWALKIIN_K29 days ago


  • Laith Al Batsh
    Laith Al Batsh29 days ago


  • chase gaming
    chase gaming29 days ago


  • Savage Stevie Gaming
    Savage Stevie GamingMonth ago

    I would climb out of the hole in the top

  • Patrick Mcdonald
    Patrick McdonaldMonth ago


  • DwagChomp
    DwagChompMonth ago

    Do 500 buttons 😂

  • ComicgamesNL
    ComicgamesNLMonth ago

    I think Kay came out first

  • Crazy wolf
    Crazy wolfMonth ago

    I think Jarvis is going to win

  • Jester
    Jester Month ago

    That was really cool but you are my favourite USplans.but Jarvis done really well at the fight and I was crying about it

  • Lizbeth TorresM
    Lizbeth TorresMMonth ago

    Dangie bros are the og to this

  • Price Chapman
    Price ChapmanMonth ago

    This video is like dirty simolater

  • Arda Maya
    Arda MayaMonth ago

    Cmon morgz did this before you

  • Princess
    PrincessMonth ago

    It’s scary The picture

  • Nicolas Pechous
    Nicolas PechousMonth ago

    Need to like IT so funny

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku MidoriyaMonth ago

    The part where Jarvis did a hair flip but the shampoo landed on his face was so funny!!!

  • levi MADFUT shorts
    levi MADFUT shortsMonth ago

    Who else saw this after watching the same video by MORGZ

  • Dre Tau
    Dre TauMonth ago

    Every one is doing this

  • Maddox Caudill
    Maddox CaudillMonth ago

    Copyrighted from preston

  • Kevin Garabet
    Kevin GarabetMonth ago


  • Koppen2013 Yt
    Koppen2013 YtMonth ago

    R.I.P JARVIS😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 him was there in 5 years too But Kay come out on 20 minutes

  • Morbid Soul
    Morbid SoulMonth ago

    "I dont think that you should be doing that...." -Jarvis 2021

  • Marko Mancevski
    Marko MancevskiMonth ago


  • Max Ng
    Max NgMonth ago

    it’s unfair as @dangie bros created this first

  • Max Ng
    Max NgMonth ago

    give creds to @dangie bros

  • jaxon g
    jaxon gMonth ago

    Why did he where a white shirt

  • joshua nava
    joshua navaMonth ago

    9:56 LMAOOO Jarvis