21 Secrets You NEVER Knew About My Little Brother (FaZe Jarvis)


  • Patricia gabes
    Patricia gabesDay ago

    Kay We know Jarvis is gonna win Jarvis ..... Hannah Yeah I know he's gonna win Meanwhile Jarvis Knockes Out Michael

  • NRX[Harlem]
    NRX[Harlem]3 days ago

    Sus jarvis

  • Shanita B
    Shanita B7 days ago

    Love is in the air

  • Dinis Soares
    Dinis Soares9 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with you kay?

  • Georgiegee6
    Georgiegee69 days ago

    Pt.2 Jarvis brakes up with Hannah coming soon.....

  • Code Coding
    Code Coding11 days ago

    Can you guys um shoutout me

  • Deborah Barnes
    Deborah Barnes18 days ago


  • merredith welzijn
    merredith welzijn19 days ago

    Hannah is talking nederlans

  • / DaViD /
    / DaViD /21 day ago

    That test doesn't work very well, I'm lying on it without any problems

    AVNER DANN ALFRED Moe21 day ago

    Yeah i hate jarvis

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones22 days ago

    LISTEN this is not a hate comment at all but i realized faze spelled backwords is EZ AF

  • Tobyッ
    Tobyッ22 days ago

    Dude my respect for Kay gone down

  • TopNotchKid
    TopNotchKid22 days ago

    5:28 Boys....He Did It

  • Luigy De La Cruz
    Luigy De La Cruz23 days ago

    Hannah love u

  • Blanca Valdez
    Blanca Valdez23 days ago

    Pov: ur watching this after the fight

  • Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan

    18 days ago

    The fight ended month ago 🤣🤣

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez23 days ago

    Jarvis a savage lit

  • Dominic DiNardo
    Dominic DiNardo24 days ago

    Jarvis lie detector Frazier

  • Lj Lolin
    Lj Lolin24 days ago

    Dang you gotta do that my guy shesshhhhh

  • Mr.AF.Gaming
    Mr.AF.Gaming24 days ago

    Where is sommer

  • Stop motion Nace
    Stop motion Nace26 days ago

    Jarvis did

  • Ytz Push
    Ytz Push26 days ago

    I fucking love Hanna

  • Movski_Buildz
    Movski_Buildz27 days ago

    Yeah ur right its rambo

  • imposter
    imposter27 days ago

    Fun fact - Sommer and Jarvis never dated and they will never But yes hannah and jarvis are

  • murat zihli
    murat zihli27 days ago

    I hate Frazier

  • y plush
    y plush27 days ago

    Go to 1:30 and see how Hannah is looking at Kays Beef spot lol after she said she lied about not thinking of Frazier any kind of way Serious!!

  • Damage
    Damage28 days ago

    Kay is mean

  • Kylewitha K
    Kylewitha K28 days ago

    Definitely last

  • Andrew Salvador
    Andrew Salvador28 days ago

    I said shheeeeesh in this video

  • gta hitz
    gta hitz28 days ago


  • poxy
    poxy29 days ago

    why kays single

  • Sebasthian Aguiniga
    Sebasthian AguinigaMonth ago

    This was a good vid😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sebasthian Aguiniga
    Sebasthian AguinigaMonth ago

    This WA said good vid😂😂😂

  • Heyy its BB
    Heyy its BBMonth ago

    I still ship Jarvis and Sommer tho 😉✨

  • XxAndrewxX50
    XxAndrewxX50Month ago

    frazier should of said said this to jarvis have you kiss sommerray


    Your making fight

  • Snaggis
    SnaggisMonth ago

    why does it feel like frazier have a chrush on Hannah

  • Screams_Echo
    Screams_EchoMonth ago

    Bro that guys laugh sounds so evil

  • Davidwhy
    DavidwhyMonth ago

    I miss Charlotte

  • Tanner Nickerson
    Tanner NickersonMonth ago

    Is kay jealous about jarvis and hannah dating or sum

  • Najari Seuoti-Folau
    Najari Seuoti-FolauMonth ago

    WAYYYYYYY to much pressure

    K2OCNATIVEMonth ago

    Yooo why you gotta do that do my man he’s already baned on fortnite 🤦‍♂️

  • p2 sanders
    p2 sandersMonth ago


  • the man's name is dakg12
    the man's name is dakg12 Month ago

    I don’t understand the the relationship

  • the man's name is dakg12
    the man's name is dakg12 Month ago


  • Jan Colic
    Jan ColicMonth ago

    Kay im unsubing

    OVERSCOR _Month ago

    Jarvis 2nd round knocked out Michael Le

  • NOT-Z8
    NOT-Z8Month ago

    Kay is jelos

  • Vortex
    VortexMonth ago

    This man Kay tryna do something and it gotta be stopped

  • Jason godzilla king
    Jason godzilla kingMonth ago

    Quick tip jarvis did won the fight

  • Aaishah Osman
    Aaishah OsmanMonth ago

    I hope they really dating ❤️ Because they so cute together 😉 love Hannah’s Energy🥺

  • velazquezeduardo
    velazquezeduardoMonth ago

    I hate you kay

  • velazquezeduardo
    velazquezeduardoMonth ago

    No Kay how would you feel

  • The wheelie__kid2
    The wheelie__kid2Month ago

    Kay should do Addison Rae

  • ShAuN-Everything
    ShAuN-EverythingMonth ago

    Are Hannah and jarvis even dating?

  • Seren (We're Back)
    Seren (We're Back)Month ago

    U wrong for this one lol

  • JRC 1826
    JRC 1826Month ago

    U copped preston

  • Dreamer
    DreamerMonth ago


  • Wendilyn Patanao
    Wendilyn PatanaoMonth ago

    you should ask questions to Hannah have you secretly met up with a boy

  • COolplayer Games
    COolplayer GamesMonth ago

    kay really wanted them to break up lol

  • Dog
    DogMonth ago

    This was funny af 😂🤣

  • Brierson
    BriersonMonth ago

    fraizer m8 its not fair jarvis loves hannah but all the boys will definetly go for sommer ray she is a frinckin model so i belive jarvis is goood

  • Kat C
    Kat CMonth ago

    Kay almost tare them apart

  • Solomon Dyakuseni
    Solomon DyakuseniMonth ago


  • smangaliso siluma
    smangaliso silumaMonth ago

    I think 🤔 he's trying to break the up because maybe he hates her or maybe he like likes her I'm just saying what he did was totally not cool I mean who does that to their own😤 brother

  • Ahren Sidhu
    Ahren SidhuMonth ago

    2 secs later he won

  • Fortniteisthebest
    FortniteisthebestMonth ago

    21th question is gonna be do you play fortnite when no one is home i am calling for it before i watch the whole entire video

  • Team Ankle Breakers
    Team Ankle BreakersMonth ago


  • Silks LF
    Silks LFMonth ago

    The guy has a alien ware m17 r4 just to use a lie detector that's the best gaming laptop

  • Uncle William
    Uncle WilliamMonth ago

    Kay low key messed up for this

  • Karmali Wilson
    Karmali WilsonMonth ago

    And he win the fight

  • Konstantinos Papidakis
    Konstantinos PapidakisMonth ago

    Frazier ,t hat wasnt cool bro

  • FiFa JJ
    FiFa JJMonth ago

    Im Driping in sweat the guy on the computor : heheh

    MEYWATERMonth ago


  • Gia Lira
    Gia LiraMonth ago

    I need a part two

  • Fidel Almaraz
    Fidel AlmarazMonth ago

    Kay did him dirty poor Jarvis get him back

  • Denika Burroughs
    Denika BurroughsMonth ago

    Let Frazier do a lie detector test

  • Jessie Santiago

    Jessie Santiago

    Month ago

    Yes I feel like kay likes hannah

  • shrubby west
    shrubby westMonth ago

    Watching this reminds me of kay and Alexa relationship 😭

    BIG STRONG DADDY 2.0Month ago

    Where not friends anymore* there brothers

  • HI
    HIMonth ago

    9:12 Why is frazier clapping ???

  • Jessie Santiago

    Jessie Santiago

    Month ago

    I have a feeling that kay likes her

  • Joanne Legaspi
    Joanne LegaspiMonth ago

    Why does it look like preston's one

  • Frostty_in_your_box
    Frostty_in_your_boxMonth ago

    He won

    BDOG CASHMonth ago

    Kay u done fucked up on this one…

  • Jessie Santiago

    Jessie Santiago

    Month ago

    Fr fr

  • Hotter Fire
    Hotter FireMonth ago

    who's here after jarvis destroyed Michael le

  • minic gonzalez
    minic gonzalezMonth ago

    Frazer you f up

  • mohammed1salam
    mohammed1salamMonth ago

    It looks like Hannah is about to cry

  • XxAndrewxX50
    XxAndrewxX50Month ago

    and he won the fight

  • Poofy o2
    Poofy o2Month ago

    Wow Kay just wow ur cruel

  • Jessie Santiago

    Jessie Santiago

    Month ago


  • Agnes Mathupe
    Agnes MathupeMonth ago

    Frazier is trying to get jarvis and Hannah broken up

  • NRG tyler
    NRG tylerMonth ago


  • NRG tyler
    NRG tylerMonth ago


  • Giraffe
    GiraffeMonth ago

    Do people even realize that lie detectors aren't 100% accurate

  • Giraffe
    GiraffeMonth ago

    6:56 how does no answer the question?

  • Naruto 60fps
    Naruto 60fpsMonth ago

    He won the fight

  • krynx
    krynxMonth ago

    Put k in it😈

    DAG_ HUNTERSMonth ago

    22 he’s a good fighter

  • Weston’s trick shots 2021
    Weston’s trick shots 2021Month ago

    They ask are u gonna win nocks him down oof get back to dancing

  • Supreme King
    Supreme KingMonth ago

    How to end ur brothers relationship 2.0

  • Crazy Dee gaming
    Crazy Dee gamingMonth ago

    Faze Kay about Jarvis fight: Hanna do u think Jarvis is going to win his fight. Hanna: Yes Faze Kay: Yea is that even a question. Me: WHY DID YOU ASK THE QUESTION THEN?

  • Santiago the cool guy Sun and moon montero✔️
    Santiago the cool guy Sun and moon montero✔️Month ago

    Jarvis in 4K 😳

  • Preston Scott
    Preston ScottMonth ago

    Jarvis has a gf ?