We got a Challenge from FaZe Rug to Argue in front of our Friends as a Prank! ft. @FaZe Jarvis @RiceGum @HanRidge @FaZe Nikan @TeaWap @FaZe Rug
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  • Funny noodle
    Funny noodle10 days ago

    That wax strip went skirt

  • Joe Lossen
    Joe Lossen11 days ago

    Bro Jarvis face when he ripped hair off his stomach loooooool

    RIZE_XBOSS13 days ago

    When teawap cried i was laughing so hard

  • fortnite edit god
    fortnite edit god14 days ago

    jarvis is ripped

  • Cute birdie
    Cute birdie 16 days ago

    Omg his name is Kay not faze Kay becs he got kicked from faze

  • Maikel Torres
    Maikel Torres19 days ago

    the way you moved when the ice touched you

  • LF_ Caleb
    LF_ Caleb20 days ago

    6:39 mans poured it on him self

  • LF_ Caleb
    LF_ Caleb20 days ago

    6:26 his little run to the scream tho 🤣🤣

  • Col Bis
    Col Bis20 days ago

    Tea wap went from this😂 to this 😭 so fast😂😂😂

  • Zach Nora
    Zach Nora20 days ago

    How do you people watch this garbage?😩

  • Chem_ 691
    Chem_ 69121 day ago


  • María Nieto
    María Nieto21 day ago

    "No snakes"

  • ItsItachiPlayZ uchiha
    ItsItachiPlayZ uchiha22 days ago

    Rices hair cut lol

  • Connor Maas
    Connor Maas22 days ago


  • Tae Tui
    Tae Tui24 days ago

    When the first guy goes, "I can make you food." You keep someone like that around for life.

  • Fisshylol


    22 days ago

    Thats nikan

  • Landon Jones
    Landon Jones24 days ago


  • Fortyprogamer ,
    Fortyprogamer ,27 days ago

    8:00 LOLL WHEN HE SAID you can be talking about alex busted head shape

  • allan jaejae
    allan jaejae27 days ago

    Is Jarvis and Hannah dating?

  • Darth detacher
    Darth detacher27 days ago

    They made him cry

  • GG Coffee
    GG Coffee28 days ago

    Bro poor Teawap

  • chef rainbow blaunt
    chef rainbow blaunt28 days ago

    poor ricegum looked so confused and lost!

  • Addison_Cuffe
    Addison_Cuffe29 days ago

    it just hit me when teawap started crying and they were laghing at him

  • takuache stormz
    takuache stormz29 days ago

    teawaps face when frazier said it has lettuce on it 8:20

  • Latentr
    Latentr29 days ago

    we all love ricecum

  • Migs M
    Migs MMonth ago



    When TeaWap cried i felt upset too lol he looked so sad

  • Elite_clan
    Elite_clanMonth ago

    Teawap is so funny 😂 I littatly could not hold it in I started to laugh

  • 10% Jovaa
    10% JovaaMonth ago

    on TeaWaps part i just saw something and looked at the video where jarvis pranked the world that he played fortnite and it was tea who was playing bru am i dumb?

  • sniqx
    sniqxMonth ago

    Was ‘twap actually crying

  • alvarin pinguin
    alvarin pinguinMonth ago

    Calle 26

  • Triton Fernandez
    Triton FernandezMonth ago

    It’s ok tewap

  • Aden Ali Mohamed
    Aden Ali MohamedMonth ago

    this brothers they positivity is maad.

  • NeonSs
    NeonSsMonth ago

    Wait. Was TeaWap actually crying?

  • GHOULz and dolls
    GHOULz and dollsMonth ago

    Its amazing to know i used to go to the same school as jarvis

  • Daniel Gutierrez
    Daniel GutierrezMonth ago

    Rice is cooked💀💀

  • just_viper
    just_viperMonth ago

    7:48 when you get the last Chip

  • Salty_ Fries12_
    Salty_ Fries12_Month ago

    It feels wired seeing rice gum in a video after he’s been gone for like a year.

  • Itz Devin
    Itz DevinMonth ago

    Dude Hannah is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • joaquin Rocha
    joaquin RochaMonth ago

    Wow they made him cry 😭

  • Shadow gaming
    Shadow gamingMonth ago


  • S TK
    S TKMonth ago

    Cool but my boy Teewap was violating lmfao

  • Tristan ramcjaran
    Tristan ramcjaranMonth ago

    I think tewap new it was a prank like if agree 👍

  • Gaming Tube NL
    Gaming Tube NLMonth ago

    ‘So more food for me guys’ teewap-2021

  • LFT Trxnz
    LFT TrxnzMonth ago

    Teawap you guys arguing about food it’s 2021 Teawap really called out all the things to argue about

  • Lil Shrek 69
    Lil Shrek 69Month ago

    Why would he text a girl if he had a girlfriend

  • kade dean
    kade deanMonth ago

    this is how you know there really prancing because someone saw the camera

  • 999 aka clarity
    999 aka clarityMonth ago

    Teawqap cried LMAO

  • Czerr
    CzerrMonth ago

    Teawap has such a big heart ❤️

  • Jesus Delgado Torres
    Jesus Delgado TorresMonth ago

    How’s here after the fight

  • Mr. Chorizo
    Mr. ChorizoMonth ago

    Where’s the honeymoon😂

  • J
    JMonth ago

    Jarvy would obv win the fight…

  • Michel Reyes
    Michel ReyesMonth ago

    Bro if this did this now Jarvis would knockout Kay

  • NHKD
    NHKDMonth ago

    I was waiting for someone to throw smash stuff

  • Quan n9
    Quan n9Month ago

    teawap had me rolling 😭😭

  • Manuel macias
    Manuel maciasMonth ago

    4:46 Jarvis celebrating after the knock out 😳

    SRYFTMonth ago

    Me and my brother would do this for free LOL

  • Josh Rojaw
    Josh RojawMonth ago

    Bilonare rapper no one knows him

  • OoShqdom
    OoShqdomMonth ago

    lol teaquo

  • Fahim Arman
    Fahim ArmanMonth ago

    Did anybody laugh when jarvis got hurted

  • Shurog 1
    Shurog 1Month ago

    Wait did teawap actually cry or he’s trolling 😭

  • abdalain
    abdalainMonth ago

    plz do this again

  • Flyerman75
    Flyerman75Month ago

    The fact that Teeqo is like, Hey you can barrow my bike😀 is just nice

  • saar
    saarMonth ago

    watching this now jarvis may have won if they got into a fight..

  • Peacefulbeet857
    Peacefulbeet857Month ago

    The over use of the word bro has pissed me off

  • Jonathan Santos
    Jonathan SantosMonth ago


  • Mystery b maker
    Mystery b makerMonth ago

    So they are actually married now it was official

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan RodriguezMonth ago

    The billionaire saw the camera 🤦‍♂️

  • Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    Month ago

    I didn’t see the whole thing 😅

  • ryftzツ
    ryftzツMonth ago

    i felt so sad when teawap started crying

  • Zayo


    Month ago


  • Jennie Corralejo
    Jennie CorralejoMonth ago

    And guys he is a good editer

  • Jennie Corralejo
    Jennie CorralejoMonth ago

    Poor tewap 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • adwqrf3w sfvdsfaw
    adwqrf3w sfvdsfawMonth ago

    tewap crying almost made me cry i love tewap hes my fav

  • Jennie Corralejo

    Jennie Corralejo

    Month ago

    Mine to

  • Hunter Kramer
    Hunter KramerMonth ago

    Why did I get Low-key mad in this video like I wanted to legit fight

  • james m
    james mMonth ago

    Tewap crying over food he’s so funny

  • Trixer
    TrixerMonth ago

    At this point they’re just passing around 10K 😂

  • Zikra El Zobair

    Zikra El Zobair

    Month ago

    wait are hannah and jarvis actually dating

  • GMRpiano
    GMRpianoMonth ago

    Teawap is amazing

  • Jake
    JakeMonth ago

    FaZe clan is literally filled with nice peopl

  • yara andrade
    yara andradeMonth ago

    Jarvis gf look like she could be his mom

  • Zikra El Zobair

    Zikra El Zobair

    Month ago

    i don’t think she’s his gf they just joke around

  • Samuel Laltlanhlua
    Samuel LaltlanhluaMonth ago

    Frazier is the best big brother 😂

  • Joker
    JokerMonth ago

    They’re terrible at arguing with eachother 😂

  • Josh Rojaw

    Josh Rojaw

    Month ago

    Fr they talking about a bike and all of them saw camera

  • Jamari Turner
    Jamari TurnerMonth ago


  • S F
    S FMonth ago

    Teawapp is just the kinh

  • Bharan Kalasapati
    Bharan KalasapatiMonth ago

    at 8:26 you can see teawap face getting red

  • Bharan Kalasapati
    Bharan KalasapatiMonth ago

    how did teawap cry bro they were not even fighting about him

  • chills
    chillsMonth ago

    Is tewap actually crying???

  • MM Maluku
    MM MalukuMonth ago

    Teeqo the goat 'You can use my bike'

  • Michael Hidalgo
    Michael HidalgoMonth ago

    4:45 😂😂😂😂

  • 369 Miless
    369 MilessMonth ago

    Teawap Crying got me laughing

  • Dutch Gilmore
    Dutch GilmoreMonth ago

    I like watching your guys videos together because it reminds me of me and my older brother before he passed away, now I can just reminisce through you two.

  • ׂ
    ׂMonth ago

    close your eyes at 4:44 and let your mind imagine

  • Mr.Handykite
    Mr.HandykiteMonth ago

    Frazier is now like morgz bruh

  • Chxillyy
    ChxillyyMonth ago

    Teawap was actually crying that’s is why he is my favorite faze member he is a legend

  • Mori


    Month ago

    He was not lmao you’re 100% a kid thinking that

  • PrismYT - CODM
    PrismYT - CODMMonth ago

    TeaWap was LEGIT 👍🏻

  • HyPr x Syke
    HyPr x SykeMonth ago

    When she don’t stop after the nut 4:46

  • Larceny
    LarcenyMonth ago

    “That more food for me”

  • Erica Bravo
    Erica BravoMonth ago

    Why does teawap cry like that

  • Auston kuiper
    Auston kuiperMonth ago

    That is how me and my brother and sisters act like

  • Jorge Carrillo
    Jorge CarrilloMonth ago

    No broo teawap when he crying that makes me sad because he seeing his best friend fighting over food

  • btw goku
    btw gokuMonth ago

    My favorite reaction is teawaps 😂

  • Lil Chink
    Lil ChinkMonth ago

    So does Kay always say bro or what?

  • Jomomma
    Jomomma Month ago

    How much u wanna bet that they told faze rug to say that lol