Asking Billionaires For a Free House

Asking Billionaires for a Free House ft. @FaZe Jarvis @HanRidge

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  • YouTube clips
    YouTube clips3 days ago

    They arleafy made a vid with mk

  • sad mad
    sad mad3 days ago

    Yo did u see that there was only 2 beds... Jarvis and his gf 😏

  • Declan Moriarity
    Declan Moriarity17 days ago

    hope you get mony

  • Dark Gameing
    Dark Gameing18 days ago


  • Fishsticks
    Fishsticks23 days ago

    Faze Kay why won’t you guys just go back to UK

  • L3W3ND
    L3W3ND23 days ago

    3:30 is it quran?

  • Charlie Lind
    Charlie Lind29 days ago

    the first girl is a karen lol

  • The toxic 8 year old
    The toxic 8 year oldMonth ago

    MK be like Yeah I have 25000 Rolex’s

  • Nicolas Pechous
    Nicolas PechousMonth ago

    I met Connor MC Gregor in his ferrari

  • Bonox Gamer
    Bonox GamerMonth ago

    The guy who was a rapper on the weekends is so good like mad respect He seems like a chill guy Faze up

  • LegendaryPO
    LegendaryPOMonth ago

    That rapper and Sean have been in Kay's billionaire flex off video.....😂😝....

  • Terri Watson
    Terri WatsonMonth ago


  • Rizal Rashid
    Rizal RashidMonth ago


  • Jeanine Chhiato
    Jeanine ChhiatoMonth ago

    The billionaire's dog's bedroom is bigger than my house.

  • Jeanine Chhiato
    Jeanine ChhiatoMonth ago

    Their bathroom is bigger than my house.

  • Felix lion907
    Felix lion907Month ago

    who tf is this rapper ?? plz someone answer me it'S clearly not the weeknd btw

  • Karripluskarri
    KarripluskarriMonth ago

    Also the rapper is and the kid that said Jarvis got banned were in another video with which billionaire is the biggest flexer that’s sus

  • zezeta mohsan
    zezeta mohsanMonth ago

    I’m in iraq

  • Christian Knight
    Christian KnightMonth ago

    It's the stage for me

  • Kenneth Hood
    Kenneth HoodMonth ago

    That was MK

  • Kenneth Hood

    Kenneth Hood

    Month ago

    And Sean

  • XraistxYT2
    XraistxYT2Month ago

    It’s script lol he said Sean but he never said his name lol

  • Bobby Big mac
    Bobby Big macMonth ago

    Me watching the billion air rapper vs billon air kid flex of First I was like WTF that’s the billion air kid and rapper!!!!

  • Orange Roblox
    Orange RobloxMonth ago

    Halo orange Roblox

  • Orange Roblox

    Orange Roblox

    Month ago

    Downtown Orlando nana nana nana nana nananananananana for is it to Papa to

  • Jimbow Choneer
    Jimbow ChoneerMonth ago


  • Jimbow Choneer
    Jimbow ChoneerMonth ago


  • Racxer Bisenio
    Racxer Bisenio2 months ago

    IAM your biggest fan

  • corrupted XD
    corrupted XD2 months ago

    the best youtube

  • Critter
    Critter2 months ago

    Just have to live when he lies thl9 other house owners like know one has let them in lies

  • vHypnotic 223
    vHypnotic 2232 months ago

    The watches are gone after that lol

  • Ignacia Sánchez
    Ignacia Sánchez2 months ago


  • adam yousef
    adam yousef2 months ago

    does that guy have the Quran ??

  • adam yousef

    adam yousef

    Month ago

    @Stupid mj yea the rapper

  • Stupid mj

    Stupid mj

    2 months ago

    The rapper?

  • Kaif Khan
    Kaif Khan2 months ago


  • Preky_frost5
    Preky_frost52 months ago

    Can I join faze and I can translate Arabic

  • Green-king
    Green-king2 months ago

    What the FUCK

  • Ahmed Alfahadل. ا
    Ahmed Alfahadل. ا2 months ago

    Guys did saw the Quran

  • Aiden Hurley
    Aiden Hurley2 months ago

    The first 2 guys you guys are friends with so stop the cap

  • Jaylon Lott
    Jaylon Lott2 months ago

    Is that Eddie Kingston

  • Szakacs Matyasi Aba
    Szakacs Matyasi Aba2 months ago

    What is that face?! 5:51

  • Danna Herrera Saldierna
    Danna Herrera Saldierna2 months ago

    Lol the next video is literly is Billionaire kid vsBillionaire Rappers(Flex Off) with the rapper from this house 1:49

  • Soapy Garlic
    Soapy Garlic2 months ago

    1 month later they’re making videos with the rich people that helped them

  • Pancakes Devin Lin Mini
    Pancakes Devin Lin Mini2 months ago


  • Brayden O'Connell
    Brayden O'Connell2 months ago


  • RVSE Str1ke
    RVSE Str1ke2 months ago

    Im pretty sure the guy that gave them the watches and the guy with the paintings because i saw in another video

  • Unmute Clan
    Unmute Clan2 months ago

    Kay and Jarvis I love your vids ngl🥳

  • meme clock
    meme clock2 months ago

    Wheres your car or watch

  • 501st
    501st2 months ago

    I like how the watches just dissapeared like nothing

  • Clutches
    Clutches2 months ago

    3:36 my guy has a quran chillin in his room

  • Geornick Walker
    Geornick Walker2 months ago

    U guys are liars

    FLIXY ON 60 FPS2 months ago

    The last guy was nice

  • REAL.卂卄爪卂ᗪシ
    REAL.卂卄爪卂ᗪシ2 months ago

    At 3:36 ther is a quran🤗

  • Tadgh Wallace
    Tadgh Wallace2 months ago

    Homeless and they wearing Louis Vuitton

  • Lewis Stozza
    Lewis Stozza2 months ago

    Where did the watches go 🤔🤔

  • L Plug

    L Plug

    2 months ago

    It’s scripted if u hadn’t realized it by now 😐

  • Seandoyle 5
    Seandoyle 53 months ago


  • Sparks
    Sparks3 months ago

    Yo this guy is muslim bro.Faze kay go at 3:19 and pause directly and you see a book.the book is the quran.

  • 0% Jayden
    0% Jayden3 months ago

    I love how he just says oh I know that guy when they say Nicolas Cage

  • 0% Jayden
    0% Jayden3 months ago

    I like how she says that he hasn’t been in anyone’s house when the house before he was literally in their house

  • Stxtic Shark
    Stxtic Shark3 months ago

    The first was so scripted

  • Stxtic Shark

    Stxtic Shark

    2 months ago

    @L Plug yeah lol

  • L Plug

    L Plug

    2 months ago

    It’s all scripted every video is but it’s still entertaining 🤷‍♂️

    MR HEE HAW3 months ago


  • The Gamer
    The Gamer3 months ago

    Do you literally know that guy he’s a billionaire

  • Nutshell
    Nutshell3 months ago

    The rapper was in biliionare rapper vs billionare kid

  • Samira Loukili
    Samira Loukili3 months ago

    3:36 he had a koran my man is muslim

  • CPC Shrizzils
    CPC Shrizzils3 months ago

    Best video ever🤪

  • Nicolas Smith
    Nicolas Smith3 months ago

    Yo they did a video with the rapper

  • Fryze
    Fryze3 months ago

    3:19 he has qur'an

  • Shutey
    Shutey3 months ago

    That first girl is just a gold digger laughing that she married a billionaire and csn just take alot of his assets

  • Milan Fonteyn
    Milan Fonteyn3 months ago

    I think it was a friend of kay

  • Squidtuber
    Squidtuber3 months ago

    Bro he says where homeless and he has a Louis voiutan

  • Earth Codm
    Earth Codm3 months ago

    I love how the rapper gived them watches but when they leave they dont have it on so the rapper didnt even give them the watch

  • Yared Miller
    Yared Miller3 months ago

    Where are their watches?

  • Obito
    Obito3 months ago

    Bru thats kc from the vid

  • regina kambalu banda
    regina kambalu banda3 months ago

    Is it not weird to do that

  • Shamas Ali
    Shamas Ali3 months ago

    The person who let them stay is a nice guy

  • Mr krabs
    Mr krabs3 months ago


  • Helal Uddin
    Helal Uddin3 months ago

    That kid with that wolf I saw on faze rug

  • Joshua garcia
    Joshua garcia3 months ago


  • Joshua garcia
    Joshua garcia3 months ago

    Sea School

  • Kallypso
    Kallypso3 months ago

    Dude if I was em, I won't blur out the face of that rude lady in the beginning of the video 😐💔

  • AryaAC
    AryaAC3 months ago

    2:22 that man has a platinum plaque on the wall he's a rapper for sure

  • кrρτσท
    кrρτσท3 months ago

    First person is addison rae

  • TheSisterPlayz
    TheSisterPlayz3 months ago

    I’m from Middle East

  • Zachy Zach
    Zachy Zach3 months ago

    Faze kay: there's an elevator Me: the faze house did too

  • Escty
    Escty3 months ago

    5:11 women moment

  • light_fade halo
    light_fade halo3 months ago

    the rapper is literally somebody they recorded before

  • 1v1 Channel
    1v1 Channel3 months ago

    i love how he just met the guy and the guy hasn't introduced himself and frazier says shuan like he knows him lol

  • Weston Russell
    Weston Russell3 months ago

    That's there friends they were in a video

  • tasherly Samuel
    tasherly Samuel3 months ago

    I like your video ☺ being homeless is very.. hard . The volcano in my country St Vincent erupted on Friday the 9th and is still ongoing thousands have been evacuated from their homes I'm at a shelter right now and we need help urgently .food, water ,clothing toys medications I pray for all the families that are homeless keep the faith and may God bless and keep you safe. 💕

    BLK KING3 months ago

    The rapper was good❤️

  • R. Robert
    R. Robert3 months ago

    This video is cap.

  • speako JR
    speako JR3 months ago


  • Shane & Cynthia Warren
    Shane & Cynthia Warren3 months ago

    Bruh loook at his shirt

  • hasina islam
    hasina islam3 months ago

    Do you have contact with faZe rug

  • Jurlon Santana
    Jurlon Santana3 months ago

    ᴼⁿˡʸ ᴾᵒᵍᵍᵉʳˢ ᶜᵃⁿ ᴿᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

  • ftghhj jk
    ftghhj jk3 months ago

    I like how Frazier says we're poor but he's wearing a lous Vuitton T shirt

  • Vincent Saliby
    Vincent Saliby3 months ago

    bro imagine they were thieves but he didn't let that get in his way

  • Troy Parker
    Troy Parker3 months ago

    The oval grandson ultrastructually lock because fine problematically roll across a adventurous mailbox. thinkable, rabid canada

  • Mattq
    Mattq3 months ago

    the one that i used : It is intended for all platforms!

  • Jack Doran
    Jack Doran3 months ago

    “We are homeless” *wearing a Louis Vuitton shirt*

  • Max55
    Max553 months ago


    HM1 UKNOWN3 months ago

    He is not poor

  • CrendalHD
    CrendalHD3 months ago

    Notice how they are both not wearing the watches when they go into the 2nd house