I Ate A $10,000 Golden Burger

I Ate A $10,000 Golden Burger ft. @FaZe Jarvis @HanRidge @FaZe Nikan @TeaWap

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  • Kay
    Kay3 months ago

    100,000 LIKES ON THIS VIDEO FOR A PART 2....

  • Dorota Wieczorek

    Dorota Wieczorek

    11 days ago

    @CoolGuyAlex ok man

  • Seth kinda Funny

    Seth kinda Funny

    29 days ago


  • Preston Heggie 48

    Preston Heggie 48

    Month ago

    3eeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttt,tookoooooooooooooooooonnnnnn nnnn

  • Dorah Mataboge

    Dorah Mataboge

    Month ago

    Ok I got u

  • Emiliano Lugo

    Emiliano Lugo

    Month ago


  • Alexander Delgadillo
    Alexander Delgadillo6 days ago

    Cow toung is my favorite ever

  • Alexander Delgadillo
    Alexander Delgadillo6 days ago

    Cow toung is my favorite ever

  • jjt123093
    jjt1230937 days ago

    "You gotta smash a like im eating a brain" nah man you come up with this idea so don't pry for clout for doing something you come up with 😂

  • Francesco Farrell
    Francesco Farrell7 days ago

    Respect to u guys

  • Francesco Farrell
    Francesco Farrell7 days ago

    I eat cow tummy it’s not bad I like it

  • NathanTheGeneral
    NathanTheGeneral7 days ago

    ⁱ ᵃᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ

  • sad xyz55
    sad xyz5513 days ago

    I eat sheep brain it's very Very good

  • Ian Fan
    Ian Fan14 days ago

    It said faze Kay when the subscribe thing came up

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha15 days ago

    My grandma makes cow touché by itself and it’s sooo good

  • Nathaniel Cima
    Nathaniel Cima15 days ago

    @majstorbob1234:😏 ⃢If yoü liked this coment the emoji will move😊😳[wicked][shout][evil][cute][happy][cry][angry][wow][angel][evil][smile][cool][slap][

  • MonkeyD360
    MonkeyD36016 days ago

    I tried duck blood before I really like it

  • Erick García
    Erick García16 days ago

    My respects when up for nikan

  • Bro Giono♠️
    Bro Giono♠️18 days ago


  • Daniel trobia
    Daniel trobia18 days ago

    God damn that brain was blah to me

  • Skye.
    Skye.19 days ago

    Jarvis Has The Sharpest Chin I've Ever Seen Look At That Thumbnail!

  • visblepupet RFY
    visblepupet RFY19 days ago

    13:37 when you wanna have a good meal but you have a younger sibling

  • //Noah //
    //Noah //20 days ago

    POV: You‘r going into a Restaurant Can I have Fish sperm please?!

  • A.k
    A.k20 days ago

    change ur name to kay dicky

  • Mayfield


    19 days ago

    ? wdym

  • Scientist RBLX
    Scientist RBLX21 day ago

    bro cow tongue on tacos be bussin bussin

  • Zoya Plays♡
    Zoya Plays♡21 day ago

    1:57 Hannah: that's not vegan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 4:05 Hannah am I on fear factor 😂😂😂😂 Omg Hannah is the best and the video was so good

  • Coldq
    Coldq21 day ago

    ok i ate a burger.

  • Golden Gaming
    Golden Gaming23 days ago

    guys they killed goosiest rip goosiest

  • Walter Ugly
    Walter Ugly23 days ago

    U chewed ur viewers money for money u have way more of

  • arbian dabaj
    arbian dabaj23 days ago

    i like that tako

  • jazz is on quack
    jazz is on quack24 days ago

    i throw up

  • HollowVortX
    HollowVortX24 days ago

    In Saudi Arabia we eat eyes and tounges and brains it’s pretty normal

  • bazil ahmed
    bazil ahmed24 days ago

    a goats brain is tasty an we eat it in pakistan its good when cooked

  • Soccerboi 13
    Soccerboi 1324 days ago

    Jarvis says we’re not peer pressuring in the beginning and then says to eat it

  • Abdulaziz mataj
    Abdulaziz mataj24 days ago

    let’s appreciate he took it all in one go for the USplan vid

  • MP5 5PM
    MP5 5PM24 days ago

    hannah be so over exaggerated everyone looked at her when she said "OMGOGOMGMOG"

    MAGMA25 days ago

    Bruh that girl overreacting on a small piece of meat

  • Erick Moncada
    Erick Moncada26 days ago

    nikan prob likes the spirm

  • Alessandro Marquez
    Alessandro Marquez26 days ago

    Being Mexican and they saying cow tongue is not good is kinda offensive

  • Latentr
    Latentr26 days ago

    i feel like teawap likes every food

  • Flamelux
    Flamelux26 days ago

    *mrbeast writing down*

  • Farn Surgenor
    Farn Surgenor27 days ago

    was feel disappointed in teewoc

  • オ丨Noah
    オ丨Noah28 days ago

    I guess instead of making the 10grand into 100grand he spent it on a burger 😂

  • Acelol
    Acelol28 days ago

    On the last one Kay looked constipated

  • lok1
    lok128 days ago

    wait is hannah pregnant now?

  • Joshua Dela Cruz
    Joshua Dela Cruz28 days ago

    yo frazier search up isaw from the philippines its my favorite street food besides fishball (filipinos like me can relate lol)

  • James Galeas
    James Galeas29 days ago

    I love cow tounge my mom makes it and its rally good

  • Mauricio Tovanche
    Mauricio TovancheMonth ago

    Help I’m in 3034

  • Thierry Aoun
    Thierry AounMonth ago

    yo dude in lebanon they eat cow’s tongue with lemon juice you should try it

    HAPPYMonth ago

    The thumbnail tho

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi UchihaMonth ago

    Wish version Mr.Beast (no hate)

  • Zips
    ZipsMonth ago


  • Crystal
    CrystalMonth ago

    why is hannah participating even

  • Barclay Harle
    Barclay HarleMonth ago

    Who else is watching this after the fight

  • Vickie Welch
    Vickie WelchMonth ago

    By eating brain it doesn't give you more iq. You fry all of the iq out so eat it it raw.

  • Morbid Soul
    Morbid SoulMonth ago

    "This is a throat... what does that mean?" -Faze Kay

  • Angelo -_-
    Angelo -_-Month ago

    12:49 😂😂😂

  • Balmore Rene Esquivel
    Balmore Rene EsquivelMonth ago

    I won't get in the van unless I see tacos 🤣

  • Lalo Torres
    Lalo TorresMonth ago

    Put some salsa on any of those tacos and they gon be BUSSIN

  • Alex Belmontes
    Alex BelmontesMonth ago


  • MrRed
    MrRedMonth ago


  • sam shone
    sam shoneMonth ago

    I swear why is teawap not invited to the luxury meal

  • Dark_ba4k
    Dark_ba4kMonth ago

    gold=poo gold

    C.NASSAR SONS - CNSMonth ago

    this is gross

  • Elham Aziz
    Elham AzizMonth ago

    Great video!

  • Jaden Cantrell
    Jaden CantrellMonth ago

    TeaWap is stoned bruh

  • Thomas Dogol
    Thomas DogolMonth ago

    me: gacking teawap: its like a chicken wing

  • Elian Sanchez acordeonista
    Elian Sanchez acordeonistaMonth ago

    Bro that’s the best Mexican food bro

  • Blyss Mafo
    Blyss MafoMonth ago

    Qaaaa.. Wllsldldld “”””””

  • Ishaaq Mohammed
    Ishaaq MohammedMonth ago

    wee-wee expensive

  • MK2626 PRO
    MK2626 PROMonth ago

    Hannah betrayed the vegetarians XD

  • juan caycho
    juan caychoMonth ago

    There is no way that they eat brain

  • RSK_ 234
    RSK_ 234Month ago

    I’m the uae 🇦🇪 we eat every thing inside the cow

  • chamber brown
    chamber brownMonth ago

    watch hannah get prego

  • k4waiichu
    k4waiichuMonth ago

    teawap is my fav HAHAHA hes so funny

  • Fanmello0302
    Fanmello0302Month ago

    poor cows

  • Christina Christian
    Christina ChristianMonth ago

    Please kay

  • Christina Christian
    Christina ChristianMonth ago

    Please give me the battle pass on fortnite

  • Crack ASH
    Crack ASHMonth ago

    We eat goat brain in pakistan

  • Savitar
    SavitarMonth ago

    Wait a minute hannah is vegan yet she ate the whole burger at the end... EXPLAIN

  • Draven Lafleur
    Draven LafleurMonth ago

    i literally threw up how disgusting that was.

  • SavagePugger
    SavagePuggerMonth ago

    ay yo hannah is gonna have fish babies

  • Lxcatez FN
    Lxcatez FNMonth ago

    9:25 Nikan- Pretty DANK

    TOXICV1RUS03Month ago

    (Tewap)- Duck flipper it's like a chicken wing wtf what type of chicken do u get (fans) - we are all worried for u bro we are here to help

  • ttvsmallpp_69 hi
    ttvsmallpp_69 hiMonth ago

    She does not eat meat but eats Jarvis meat...............................🙄🙄

  • Derek Powell
    Derek PowellMonth ago

    yo nikan big brain (jarvis) look how elastic it is (nikan) your stomach expands yo nikans iq 220

  • Luciana Chemelniker
    Luciana ChemelnikerMonth ago

    you said smash a like so i disliked

  • connerwhy
    connerwhyMonth ago

    hannah likes jarvis

  • Houzoman
    HouzomanMonth ago

    that girl is pregmant

  • Ali Qeliqi
    Ali QeliqiMonth ago

    Yo this mans teeth are mad yellow

  • Ray Tlin
    Ray TlinMonth ago

    Kay: me and my friends are going to eat the most degusting food I’ve ever seen Jarvis and nicon enjoying it

  • eLiAs
    eLiAsMonth ago

    I'm pretty sure that was fish egg you ate.

  • Exotic Blox
    Exotic BloxMonth ago

    He has the idea from MrBeast just realised

  • Dusdee
    DusdeeMonth ago

    I got respect for nikan

  • joshua nava
    joshua navaMonth ago

    POV: Your Mexican like me :,D

  • lois hensley
    lois hensleyMonth ago

    Frazier: this is a thorught What does that even mean

  • Yxxii Greens
    Yxxii GreensMonth ago


  • Oznav ;]
    Oznav ;]Month ago

    Mr beast 2.0

  • Kyshaun family Gaming
    Kyshaun family GamingMonth ago

    He did knock out Michael le already

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle MillerMonth ago

    I don’t eat meat Jarvis but you eat wat about me

  • TrickyNinja
    TrickyNinjaMonth ago

    POV:you have seen the jarvis and Mickel le

  • Fusion slayz
    Fusion slayzMonth ago

    I’ve touched a human brain and human intestines

  • Yzoom_
    Yzoom_Month ago

    Frazier: struggles to eat fish sperm Nikan: struggles to eat fish sperm Hannah: eats it without complaining and just a sour face 🤨

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan RodriguezMonth ago

    I love cow tung

  • Harley Gant
    Harley GantMonth ago

    Going first is the best cuz den no ones opinion can scare you