My TESLA Controls My Life For 24 Hours!

I Let My Tesla Control My Life For 24 Hours. I can't believe this happened. ft. @HanRidge @FaZe Jarvis

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  • Oliver Tindall
    Oliver Tindall15 days ago

    does kay say stuff like that on purpose

  • Zaylin Taylor
    Zaylin Taylor18 days ago


  • Pop Pop
    Pop Pop20 days ago

    I’m Elon musk to

  • LuckyCharms
    LuckyCharms21 day ago

    Anyone here after Kay got kicked out

  • AbdxlExtra
    AbdxlExtra22 days ago

    The just married reminds me of Tom and jerry

  • Aayush Kishore
    Aayush Kishore23 days ago

    Who else is watching this after Jarvis was suspended and Kay was banned

  • Divokes


    22 days ago

    Me :(

    ITZR0BERT23 days ago

    2020 = Faze Kay 2021 = Oh no Kay

  • Raxer
    Raxer24 days ago


  • Jesus Chavez santos
    Jesus Chavez santos25 days ago

    Does this guy wanna race?

  • Arctic Ice23
    Arctic Ice2326 days ago

    Happy birthday

  • FNS saif
    FNS saif27 days ago

    I watched this in Hannah’s b day lol

  • Liam Dalton
    Liam Dalton27 days ago


  • jmrk turbo
    jmrk turbo27 days ago

    holy jarvis

  • Jarvis___Btw
    Jarvis___Btw27 days ago

    Happy birthday hannah

  • Thock shorts
    Thock shorts28 days ago

    School teacher: animals Frazier: aminals

  • Ricardo Jr Garcia
    Ricardo Jr Garcia28 days ago

    Hannah’s birthday is tomorrow

  • Y B
    Y B29 days ago

    Lmao Kay's cameraman just watched his gf get married to another man-

  • Alexander Coronado
    Alexander CoronadoMonth ago

    Bro look how many aminals their are 1:28

  • Evrilohos Kokavesis
    Evrilohos KokavesisMonth ago

    Hannah is so annoying

  • Erika A
    Erika AMonth ago

    The look Jarvis gave kay when he said that he was going to be getting married

  • Alex Belmontes
    Alex BelmontesMonth ago


  • Alex Belmontes
    Alex BelmontesMonth ago


  • Altlanta braves highlights
    Altlanta braves highlightsMonth ago

    1:32 Hannah into the unone

  • Beebeyy
    BeebeyyMonth ago


  • Ian
    IanMonth ago

    Bro but his only 18 or 19 idk

  • Elon Musk
    Elon MuskMonth ago

    1:58 thats why u shouldn't drop out of school

  • zetsus
    zetsusMonth ago

    5:36 Jarvis " imagine just jumping 😂

  • Tyler Weikel
    Tyler WeikelMonth ago

    my birthday is june 28 to

  • veyronfirexd
    veyronfirexdMonth ago

    Yo Jarvis face when the Tesla said lucky wedding

  • RTX_King2
    RTX_King2Month ago

    Elon musck is South African

  • Roblox_bandi
    Roblox_bandiMonth ago

    They in the hood that’s where my grandma lives

  • Zy Boom
    Zy BoomMonth ago

    Hannah’s birthday is three days before my brothers birthday June 25th

  • Zulem Martinez
    Zulem MartinezMonth ago


  • Duda Muller
    Duda MullerMonth ago

    Bro Javier was like no me im like run it for the wedding

  • Easton & Ty
    Easton & TyMonth ago

    Who is here when Jarvis knocked out Michel le

  • shamma Alkhazraji
    shamma AlkhazrajiMonth ago

    I really ship Jarvis and hanna 💖

  • Matthew JR. Mahammud
    Matthew JR. MahammudMonth ago

    Me to June the 28th

  • SPAZ Pricty
    SPAZ PrictyMonth ago

    My hands were sweating when they went on the ride

  • SPAZ Pricty
    SPAZ PrictyMonth ago

    1:58 WHAAAT

    ELITE Toxic SUPRAMonth ago

    0:27 lol

  • ɪʀᴀɪɴ ʙɪɴᴅɪ
    ɪʀᴀɪɴ ʙɪɴᴅɪMonth ago

    That’s where my grandparents got married

    YT_FASKEツMonth ago

    Look at all the amnimals

  • cony 54
    cony 54Month ago

    I thought that rollercoaster was going to drop them

  • King JJ Frazier
    King JJ FrazierMonth ago

    Notice how he said aminals

  • RJ Gomez
    RJ GomezMonth ago

    “we’re used to the green, right?” heheh

  • Springsツ
    SpringsツMonth ago

    thats crazy me hannah and elon musk have the same birthday!!!!!

  • unknow supreme
    unknow supremeMonth ago

    The girl is annoying

  • Pogger Frogger
    Pogger FroggerMonth ago

    It's so obvious they didn't actually marry each other.

  • Cristian Flores
    Cristian FloresMonth ago

    Tbh sea urchin is 🔥

  • israel logologo
    israel logologoMonth ago


  • (Leo) Kantanat Srirojanant
    (Leo) Kantanat SrirojanantMonth ago

    faze kay really jus said aminals 1:26

  • LateNightleel
    LateNightleelMonth ago

    Bruh 6:56 IM F***ING DYING XD

    AB TWO ICYMonth ago

    That's not bigger then the cn tower

  • Puto Brunox
    Puto BrunoxMonth ago

    Faze Kay 2021

  • Zac Day
    Zac DayMonth ago

    wtf r these mans hours

  • Santiago Noguera Salvo
    Santiago Noguera SalvoMonth ago

    Elon mosk THATS so cap 🤣

  • sbazain
    sbazainMonth ago

    aminals is all I got to say

  • Impressions
    ImpressionsMonth ago

    Ayo jarvis can i take sommer den?

  • Tristan William
    Tristan WilliamMonth ago

    Did anybody hear aminales or is it just me

  • AJ Cinco
    AJ CincoMonth ago

    8:38 miso soup is awesome

  • Faariah Lagardien Lagardien
    Faariah Lagardien LagardienMonth ago


  • Daniel Zepeda
    Daniel ZepedaMonth ago

    Pls don’t put that girl in any other videos

  • Iseah Cumberbatch
    Iseah CumberbatchMonth ago

    i just skipped that marriage part someone tell me what happend

  • RMextreme 574
    RMextreme 574Month ago

    Dude my birthday is the same day as faze banks it is October 18

  • N7uk
    N7ukMonth ago

    “Look how many *AMINALS* there is” Faze Kay. - 2021

  • Epik F1F4 and fortn1te punk 😝
    Epik F1F4 and fortn1te punk 😝Month ago

    Fn Dino 🦕

  • Controller Ryftヅ
    Controller RyftヅMonth ago

    Hannah is 49?!????!!!!

  • L1
    L1Month ago


  • retro_ atomic
    retro_ atomicMonth ago

    kay be speaking like look at the aminals lol mans from england and still can't speak propely

  • Marwan Abduljaleel
    Marwan AbduljaleelMonth ago

    I love how Kay says you wanna race man you wanna race tasla

  • BAD PRO00
    BAD PRO00Month ago

    I m also 18 June

  • Ilan Irshad
    Ilan IrshadMonth ago

    I’ve never cringed so hard in any video than I have in the marriage scene

  • Lew Thedood
    Lew ThedoodMonth ago

    Jarvis is 18 and Hanna is 24

  • NateFN
    NateFNMonth ago

    ummmmmm when Hannah said she had the same birthday as Elon musk you guys know that Elon musk is 49 years old right...............

  • Rhyno Rudy
    Rhyno RudyMonth ago

    I don’t see that cameraman on the car 🚘🧐

  • Thumbless Fan
    Thumbless FanMonth ago

    Happy birthday han

  • Thumbless Fan
    Thumbless FanMonth ago

    My birthday is on June the 12

  • Clifton Wilson
    Clifton WilsonMonth ago


    LIGHT-AKMonth ago

    Kay said aminals

    LIGHT-AKMonth ago

    She was putting her hands up and she wasn’t even driving when jay was on auto pilot

  • NicRBLX
    NicRBLXMonth ago

    Look how many aminals are there -Kay 2021

  • Alexandre Cardoso
    Alexandre CardosoMonth ago

    Aminals kay?

  • Chanté Holster
    Chanté HolsterMonth ago

    Do you know that Elon Musk is from South Africa not America

  • Amina Mohammed
    Amina MohammedMonth ago

    Did they actually get married

  • Yeet Docter
    Yeet DocterMonth ago

    That also means that they have to smash

  • Hoxnie
    HoxnieMonth ago

    Faze gay

  • InvincibleSHSRLC
    InvincibleSHSRLC2 months ago

    1:26 Kay: “aminals”🤣

  • Jacob Flores
    Jacob Flores2 months ago

    That pink dome is circus circus you should go it’s really fun

  • Katusiime Hillary
    Katusiime Hillary2 months ago

    ,l love your videos! I am in Uganda

  • brittany hicks
    brittany hicks2 months ago

    Hey you don't have the same birthday one must

  • Jamar Davis
    Jamar Davis2 months ago

    Everyone follow me on Instagram veri.fxed_clipxz

  • EliteCrime
    EliteCrime2 months ago

    When fortnite kids go outside

  • Danielis Andruskevicius
    Danielis Andruskevicius2 months ago

    Kay your brother got married in my birthday

  • Rufia Begum
    Rufia Begum2 months ago

    Fiji water 😂😂😂😂

  • Rufia Begum
    Rufia Begum2 months ago

    Frazier do you actually pronounce animals aminals

  • liam gonzales
    liam gonzales2 months ago

    like bro why

  • liam gonzales
    liam gonzales2 months ago

    why are you guys whereing masks?

  • Lil Rebzz
    Lil Rebzz2 months ago

    my birth day is 29 june

  • clixer__
    clixer__2 months ago

    So she is 50

  • family fun
    family fun2 months ago

    Birch Khalifa is the biggest tower in the world