Reuniting FaZe Jarvis With His Family After 2 Years

Reuniting \u0026 Surprising my Brother with His Family after 2 Years Apart! ft. @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Teeqo @TeaWap @FrenchieFries

This video was filmed after the stay at home period was completed.

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  • Calixte Boileau
    Calixte Boileau21 hour ago

    Who’s faze Kay??

  • Mr Orange

    Mr Orange

    2 hours ago

    He's a youtuber

  • Duard Kotze
    Duard KotzeDay ago

    Unsub peeps

  • ShokoDattebayo
    ShokoDattebayo4 days ago

    I’m happy hearing so much British accents

  • Western Doggo
    Western Doggo4 days ago

    This guy wont know what hits him next vid

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez5 days ago

    I love youuuu

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez5 days ago

    I loveee yuooo

    THE iiRiSHHOUND-5 days ago


  • galaxdylan
    galaxdylan6 days ago

    Kay we love you

  • Adem Bino
    Adem Bino6 days ago

    the end of fazes careers

  • Aiden
    Aiden7 days ago

    No more f̶a̶z̶e̶ Kay

  • Moderneinstein
    Moderneinstein7 days ago

    That's Faze Jarvis what he gets for using an Aimbot.

  • OM,FAM
    OM,FAM7 days ago

    Are you still in faze

  • Tasin


    3 days ago

    @Krish K Patel why are you melting down, I am happy 🤡🤡

  • Dime PS

    Dime PS

    6 days ago


  • Toast


    6 days ago

    @OM,FAM nope

  • OM,FAM


    7 days ago

    @Krish K Patel I mean faze Kay

  • Krish K Patel

    Krish K Patel

    7 days ago

    No he’s not 🥺

  • Versify Xzility
    Versify Xzility7 days ago

    Thank You For 100 Subscribers Everyone 😊😊

  • Xd Chelewilly
    Xd Chelewilly9 days ago

    well this aged well

  • Thani Pro Gamer
    Thani Pro Gamer9 days ago


  • Eli
    Eli9 days ago

    Well this didnt age well after kay...kicked out

  • vandna sharma
    vandna sharma9 days ago


  • LukeSZN
    LukeSZN9 days ago

    No Linkzy Damn okay

    MINGRAAL10 days ago


  • MusicUnrealesed
    MusicUnrealesed11 days ago

    ßro Your The Best Your Coming Back In FaZe Lets Gooo Mann

  • Killer Agates
    Killer Agates11 days ago

    I’ll take faze Kay’s spot

  • Killer Agates
    Killer Agates11 days ago

    Why is faze kay not in faze clan?

  • SeekNDstroy


    9 days ago

    Idk what happened either

  • King Muiruri
    King Muiruri11 days ago

    Wait am I the only one that swear the gorilla

  • Much Rosyadi
    Much Rosyadi11 days ago

    you better reuniting your fans with their money

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger12 days ago

    You’re a conman

  • Mashed Socks
    Mashed Socks13 days ago

    I loved Kay so much but now not that much at all

  • the song boyz
    the song boyz14 days ago

    your not in faze a

  • Autoplay985
    Autoplay98514 days ago

    “I recently surprised Jarvis with my family. I was only able to afford it because I don’t give a fuck about anyone except myself”

  • Kollidekompanii
    Kollidekompanii14 days ago

    2020: “FaZe Kay” 2021: “Kay”

  • Jitterdoomer
    Jitterdoomer14 days ago

    Bye bye *FaZe* Kay.

  • EdgeMaster WV
    EdgeMaster WV14 days ago

    Bunch of melts

    MARK MARK14 days ago

    F you Kay

  • manicnick
    manicnick14 days ago


  • Perthan
    Perthan14 days ago

    2 weeks ago: reuniting faze Jarvis 1 week ago: Reuniting Jarvis

  • WhoKxlledJxn


    5 days ago

    @erza y’all cutting on him damn🤣

  • WhoKxlledJxn


    10 days ago


  • Spirit_ BM
    Spirit_ BM15 days ago

    I used to look up to u 😔 then u messed up u lost ur fans money FaZe u can do better but I'm sorry I can't forgive u 😔 FaZekay well now just Kay u failed FaZe and ur fans

  • RestartSZN


    13 days ago

    Why is everyone mad Kay lmao. If you were dumb enough to invest in that, it’s your fault

  • Jesse Elmer

    Jesse Elmer

    14 days ago

    Sorry but knowone asked 😔

  • luske1vin
    luske1vin15 days ago


  • PxL RyZ
    PxL RyZ15 days ago

    Gorrila perfect timing 2:31 pause it

  • PxL RyZ
    PxL RyZ15 days ago

    2:31 lol

  • Zion Abrahams
    Zion Abrahams15 days ago

    How does it feel being kicked

  • Zion Abrahams

    Zion Abrahams

    9 days ago

    @swallowedinthesea11 bro jusg because he gives money away Do sent mean his good of camera and I also watch all his vids

  • swallowedinthesea11


    10 days ago

    bro im 14 i know a lot about life he really sorry ur a bully y u gotta hate he donates a lot hes mrbeast versoin 2 hes my rolmodel and im going to donatr when i be rich like kay bcuz he worked hard for his money he buyed a jet too

  • Onix


    10 days ago

    @patrik he is capping watch someordianrygamers vid about it

  • Zion Abrahams

    Zion Abrahams

    12 days ago

    He is capping

  • Hair Conditioner

    Hair Conditioner

    14 days ago

    @patrik yeah till now wait till the final result comes I think he’s capping but we didn’t get a final result

  • kayzir
    kayzir15 days ago

    The fa

  • Jacob 10
    Jacob 1015 days ago

    Love your vids kay

  • Wakkee.
    Wakkee.15 days ago

    When "Faze" isn't in his name no more...

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous15 days ago

    2:30 who also saw the gorilla😂

  • Itsryzl
    Itsryzl16 days ago

    No lol

  • mvp_ram2707
    mvp_ram270716 days ago

    2:30 there was a gorilla spinning lol

  • dog water fn
    dog water fn16 days ago

    Is that the bully

  • Noelbro Shorts
    Noelbro Shorts16 days ago

    Who’s here after He’s kicked out of faze

  • KRXL
    KRXL16 days ago

    Why you not in faze no more

  • It Is Skittles
    It Is Skittles16 days ago


  • FNNowens
    FNNowens16 days ago

    Who's here after watching kay's truth video 😢

  • Drippyはh


    15 days ago

    Yeah I felt really bad for him

  • Henry Helzner
    Henry Helzner16 days ago

    Who’s here after his new video

  • ZXK
    ZXK16 days ago


  • Pr1m2ry
    Pr1m2ry16 days ago

    Caught in 4 Kay lmao

  • Drippyはh


    15 days ago

    Bro it’s not his fault watch his new video

  • Planz


    15 days ago

    @Abbas Hasan that was kinda sus

  • Planz


    15 days ago


  • Abbas Hasan

    Abbas Hasan

    15 days ago

    @Planz 8:17

  • Planz


    16 days ago

    Did you watch the response vid he just uploaded it’s not his fault he got Manipulated

  • Jaxon Johnson
    Jaxon Johnson16 days ago

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Damn. Now Kay

  • Hibana
    Hibana16 days ago

    Fucking thief I hope it was all worth it for 30k 🤣🤣 Justice is better served cold or so I've heard 🧐

  • Aman Rout

    Aman Rout

    6 days ago

    @say boy 1213 How do you know?You worked with him?

  • FoSzly_XY


    15 days ago

    @say boy 1213 tbh he could or could not be innocent because we never know what happens behind the camera 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • say boy 1213

    say boy 1213

    15 days ago

    He was innocent he didn’t do nothing

  • A.k
    A.k16 days ago

    lets go ur out of faze u made the clan dawg water

  • Typicalwilliam2
    Typicalwilliam216 days ago

    Not faze Kay just Kay

  • Lol Games
    Lol Games16 days ago

    U dirty fraudster

  • Outcast_Kozify


    13 days ago

    @Lol Games Yeah he's probably still a 8 year old Who Believes every thing they see without any evidence At all im not saying Its Kays Fault but ur already Believing him when he Had no evidence whatsoever and lied about making no money His wallet shows that he's done this multiple of times and Saying their have been Transactions Therefore he had lied so far in the Video Until we get more evidence we have no Trust or love for him

  • Lol Games

    Lol Games

    16 days ago

    @fz jacob yh and u believe everything he says lol guilty until proven innocent he’s shown no evidence

  • fz jacob

    fz jacob

    16 days ago

    lol did u see his new video?

  • Emmanuel Abukasis
    Emmanuel Abukasis16 days ago

    Sorry that you need to go through being kicked out of faze

  • Isaiah gaming
    Isaiah gaming16 days ago

    Hey Kay my cousin has the Charizard you want do you still want it?

  • Aidan Noland
    Aidan Noland16 days ago

    Hey Kay I’ll give you faze in couple years hopefully

  • Jarlos


    16 days ago

    Lmao keep dreaming kid

  • Gurinder lotey

    Gurinder lotey

    16 days ago


  • Jaysen henry
    Jaysen henry16 days ago


  • Krownz
    Krownz16 days ago

    Just kay

  • SOLO
    SOLO16 days ago

    4 Week ago FaZe Kay now Kay

  • Krownz


    16 days ago


  • Max not in FaZe
    Max not in FaZe16 days ago

    Sorry Kay no more FaZe

  • Scixor X
    Scixor X16 days ago


    ASAD XG16 days ago

    2020:FaZe Kay 2021:kay. Kay: I got kicked

  • AZAT William jansson
    AZAT William jansson16 days ago

    Rip FaZe Kay

  • Cosine
    Cosine16 days ago

    he got unverified?!

  • Gurinder lotey

    Gurinder lotey

    2 days ago

    @Cosine 👍

  • Cosine


    16 days ago

    @Gurinder lotey he used to have that checkmark badge thing

  • Gurinder lotey

    Gurinder lotey

    16 days ago

    Really on what

  • Flaz
    Flaz16 days ago

    Bro I just realized you just named yourself Kay bro noooo

  • it's.Vasudha
    it's.Vasudha16 days ago

    we all typed "kay" after he got kicked

  • Moody


    15 days ago


  • Kyran Helps
    Kyran Helps16 days ago

    Go on faze USplan chanel I just said on on of the video free faze kay I got your back kay

  • Kyran Helps
    Kyran Helps16 days ago

    OMG I am so sorry that u were kicked from FaZe clan we will miss the old kay who was known as FaZe kay

  • Thomas Markussen
    Thomas Markussen16 days ago

    Kay why did u do it u where in faze why did u do it

  • Capri
    Capri16 days ago

    Did U get kicked from faze??

  • TNS Clan

    TNS Clan

    16 days ago

    @Capri 🤣🤣

  • Capri


    16 days ago

    @GLOWZ that's what he gets 🤣



    16 days ago

    Yep he did

  • abdul aziz
    abdul aziz16 days ago

    6:50 lol I also own that purple devil emoji pillow xd

  • Alu Kafley
    Alu Kafley16 days ago

    Wait what did kay get kicked from faze but why is jarvis name still FaZe Jarvis but for FaZe kay its just kay did faze kay get kicked?

  • sizzuto


    16 days ago

    yes kay got kicked

  • blank
    blank16 days ago

    Faze clan is basically Kay, Jarvis, Teeqo, and Nikan.

    ASAD XG16 days ago

    Pls you need talk to faze clan manger

  • TTV_SweatyDarkFXYT ON PG3D
    TTV_SweatyDarkFXYT ON PG3D16 days ago

    Rip Faze Kay now it’s just called Kay we miss you as faze kay

  • lilfrxztyy
    lilfrxztyy16 days ago

    guess its just "Kay" now

  • Rag3 Ruins
    Rag3 Ruins16 days ago


  • Kamei
    Kamei16 days ago

    Your name is just kay now

  • Abbz
    Abbz16 days ago

    Kay is not in faze anymore sad 😢

  • Prayzor
    Prayzor16 days ago

    𝙃𝙚'𝙨 𝙣𝙖𝙢𝙚 𝙞𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙠𝙖𝙮 𝙗𝙧𝙤 ☠️💀☠️💀

    ELITE DS16 days ago

    Guys Kay deleted his Twitter too

  • Eli Bagan

    Eli Bagan

    16 days ago

    @ELITE DS ok 👍



    16 days ago

    @Eli Bagan his new video is out

  • Eli Bagan

    Eli Bagan

    16 days ago

    No he didn’t sadly it is just called Kay you have to search it on twitter.

  • BH Kuczy

    BH Kuczy

    16 days ago

    Lets go!!

  • Jarlos


    16 days ago


  • X1 Sneezy
    X1 Sneezy16 days ago

    1 Month Ago FaZe Kay Now Kay In One Year SoaR Kay

  • NBD Klipzy
    NBD Klipzy16 days ago

    Still no video

  • Mugiwara00
    Mugiwara0016 days ago


  • Mystic Krabs
    Mystic Krabs16 days ago

    Does this mean he's going to box and have redemption arc like Jarvis?

  • ASMR Cohen
    ASMR Cohen16 days ago

    Why are u just kay

  • ASMR Cohen

    ASMR Cohen

    16 days ago

    @Pat Animates sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • Pat Animates

    Pat Animates

    16 days ago

    He got kicked

  • IBootMari
    IBootMari16 days ago


  • IBootMari
    IBootMari16 days ago


  • qtvertz
    qtvertz16 days ago

    Kicked from faze check

  • EaseVFX
    EaseVFX16 days ago

    He removed faze from his name

  • fares mohammed
    fares mohammed16 days ago

    Now he got kicked fully his name is kay now no faze

  • Modest Proposal
    Modest Proposal16 days ago


  • Flex
    Flex16 days ago

    Faze Kay and the others that were kicked are like my favorite faze members now they are being kicked.. That really Sucks

  • Akshat Sharma

    Akshat Sharma

    16 days ago

    nate hill is my favourite.

  • Flex


    16 days ago

    @Gurinder lotey yes, but there is a good chance they get permanently kicked

  • Gurinder lotey

    Gurinder lotey

    16 days ago

    Kay is only got kicked from faze jarvis nikan and teeqo got suspended

  • Cyborg Z

    Cyborg Z

    16 days ago

    Damn really those were your favourite faze members mine is jev and jev only

  • CLP PZ
    CLP PZ16 days ago

    Sorry but u need to change that profile pic 😅

  • Yeeterbeeperyeet


    16 days ago


  •  Fire 父
    Fire 父16 days ago

    Kay what is that name 😂 edit; that pic tho looking pretty good