Revealing The New FaZe House!? ($10,000,000)

Revealing the New FaZe House Miami?! Should FaZe Move to Miami? ft. @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Nikan @TeaWap @FrenchieFries @HanRidge

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  • PevPi
    PevPi2 days ago

    yea the one that your banned from

  • Zero
    Zero2 days ago

    Ayyyy, welcome to Florida 😂

  • valliappan senguttuvan
    valliappan senguttuvan2 days ago

    please please please please move here to Miami

  • hidde


    2 days ago

    he is out of faze

  • Mas
    Mas2 days ago

    Nice house

  • Dizzy JIT
    Dizzy JIT2 days ago

    this 100% down grade

  • Mason
    Mason3 days ago

    Well we know you're not going to get to enjoy the new phase mansion 😂😂😂😂

  • light fire pro
    light fire pro4 days ago


    PCGAMER IDK4 days ago

    Who’s here after he got kicked?

  • Darth Menace
    Darth Menace4 days ago

    Too bad your got boooooooooted out faze bum

  • Guava
    Guava5 days ago

    Revealing the new FaZe House you won't be living in

  • Fatalitygirl
    Fatalitygirl5 days ago

    Lmfao not anymore!



    5 days ago

    Lmfaooooo 🤣👌🏼💀

  • Jel Bot
    Jel Bot6 days ago

    Awwww too bad you can't enjoy it anymore.

  • Kaveon Dublin
    Kaveon Dublin7 days ago

    Hope you enjoyed your stay you con artist

  • AJ Tron
    AJ Tron7 days ago

    It sucks cuz LA is just an amazing g city and many memories. Haven’t Kay in months then come back to this

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson7 days ago


  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson7 days ago


  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson7 days ago


  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson7 days ago


  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson7 days ago


  • Frigoku91
    Frigoku918 days ago

    No more faze Kay now it's kay wow

  • Hassaan Anwar
    Hassaan Anwar9 days ago

    LOL, and guess who's not in the house 😂😂😂

  • Planz
    Planz9 days ago

    More like revealing the new faze house you won’t be living in

  • ThatGirlLib


    5 days ago

    It was a temporary rental for the fight.

  • The warzone guy
    The warzone guy9 days ago

    He's in GTA vice city

  • tiada nama
    tiada nama9 days ago

    Yeahh sadly you cant stay in it

  • Mxllan xd
    Mxllan xd9 days ago

    Next 3 years: Revealing the new $100,000,000,000,000 FaZe Yacht on La

  • Obanai Iguro
    Obanai Iguro9 days ago

    Y'all had millions lost it all just to make 40k idiots

  • Yankee Oscar Lemar Oscar
    Yankee Oscar Lemar Oscar9 days ago


  • hammy
    hammy10 days ago

    didnt age well

  • Artemis Logic
    Artemis Logic10 days ago

    im excited for the lawlsuit, cant wait until these scumbag scammers lose everything publicly and are arrested

  • Preston Tortorich
    Preston Tortorich10 days ago

    These dudes are so f**king lame😂😂😂

  • guynumber20
    guynumber2010 days ago

    U still living here bro? 😹

  • CarterPurdyH.264
    CarterPurdyH.26411 days ago

    Next up: Evicted Vlog! ❤️

    ICECOLDRXD Based11 days ago

    Faze Clan stand up!!! The best scammers in the nation! Lets goooooo!!!!!

  • Brett
    Brett11 days ago

    WOW I wonder how you got the money for that

  • Luke Nelson
    Luke Nelson11 days ago

    this aged well

  • jacob wilkie
    jacob wilkie11 days ago

    Loser trash

  • x x fe4LLesss
    x x fe4LLesss11 days ago

    You guys should move to be honest

  • That Guy
    That Guy12 days ago

    01:50 SKAM peppah. He needs to be arrested then departed after 10 yr sentence.

  • Sauce Kage
    Sauce Kage12 days ago

    2020: FaZe Kay 2021: Kay 2022: K 2023: (accout terminated)

  • CallMeSweetCharmander


    6 days ago

    Why do people hate on him now? And no one hates on bullies at school

  • Alex S

    Alex S

    7 days ago


  • 9 6
    9 612 days ago

    No saving nothing your shits weird

  • Mark Jansen
    Mark Jansen12 days ago

    Hahaha lovely house bro! 😂

  • sportsfn_
    sportsfn_13 days ago

    To bad you only enjoyed this mansion for 1 week lol

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia13 days ago


  • Austin Doyle
    Austin Doyle13 days ago

    Move there

  • Pesky Saber-Toothed Tiger
    Pesky Saber-Toothed Tiger13 days ago

    You got fazed out

  • ARD7
    ARD713 days ago

    Wait y’all said faze clan is homeless

  • parralel wolfy
    parralel wolfy13 days ago

    Kay i used to think u were cool

  • Fl1ewx
    Fl1ewx13 days ago


  • Dariena Baker
    Dariena Baker13 days ago

    But we really like the Justin Bieber house

  • FaZe Carlos
    FaZe Carlos14 days ago

    I think so because I live in miami

  • Dream Playz
    Dream Playz14 days ago

    Bro I’m in Las Vegas to but I’m born in Los angeles

    SAMII£PLAYZ14 days ago

    There are lions everywhere lmao

  • Eddie Mate
    Eddie Mate15 days ago

    Yo i live in Miami, can't wait to see you there if you move 😁

  • Scum A
    Scum A15 days ago


  • Icylte
    Icylte15 days ago

    This aged like fine milk

  • Fidzy fan 999

    Fidzy fan 999

    14 days ago

    FR 🤣

  • NickChampz
    NickChampz15 days ago


  • NickChampz


    15 days ago

    @Lil Yoda MADDDDD

  • Lil Yoda

    Lil Yoda

    15 days ago

    grow up

  • NickChampz
    NickChampz15 days ago


  • Tre Brathwaite
    Tre Brathwaite16 days ago

    Pinn this for no reason

  • Donovan Ford
    Donovan Ford16 days ago

    Move plz

  • Adrian Pratt
    Adrian Pratt16 days ago

    This didn't age well lmao

  • Mr. B
    Mr. B16 days ago


  • Its JB
    Its JB16 days ago

    rip the house i guess

  • rasra grace
    rasra grace16 days ago

    10,000,000 haha hope that 40k gets you back in faze 🤣

  • Chris_giants S

    Chris_giants S

    16 days ago

    He still gonna be rich but lol

  • Bam Sillings
    Bam Sillings16 days ago

    Can I have your room as you won’t be needing it

    DINOGANG YT16 days ago

    When he said cinema I was like :OOO

  • Edwinix Game
    Edwinix Game16 days ago

    Imagine smelling the video

  • fishy
    fishy16 days ago


  • Ang Ela
    Ang Ela16 days ago

    why u put bunny fingers when u say faze house

  • Tristan Chee
    Tristan Chee17 days ago

    Consequences and stupidity is why u won't be enjoying it

  • Jr. Goat
    Jr. Goat17 days ago

    i love this house plz

  • Joe Bosco
    Joe Bosco17 days ago

    Hahahaahah this dweeb through all this away

  • RefineFN
    RefineFN17 days ago

    7:37 Ayo

  • TheGamingGraff
    TheGamingGraff17 days ago

    Where did you get the money for that house

  • FutureTM
    FutureTM17 days ago

    More like the house you ain't living in

  • Rob Brewer
    Rob Brewer18 days ago

    You guys need some apartment references?

  • JMS Births
    JMS Births18 days ago


  • RylanReedisthebest
    RylanReedisthebest18 days ago

    Bruh no

  • koko.meeko
    koko.meeko18 days ago

    say byebye housie!



    17 days ago

    Lmao 🤣

  • G Ѳ N
    G Ѳ N18 days ago


    GENERAL KNIGHT18 days ago

    Scammers getting a new house sheeesh...

  • Visualbro
    Visualbro19 days ago

    So how is it like being kicked from Faze

  • BoomNoodles
    BoomNoodles19 days ago

    3:58 where is that?

  • FaZe Milo
    FaZe Milo19 days ago

    FaZe Kay can you call FaZe Apex

  • FaZe Milo

    FaZe Milo

    19 days ago

    I love

  • FaZe Milo

    FaZe Milo

    19 days ago

    FaZe Kay can you call FaZe Apex and ask him if P control Marlo can join FaZe

  • Jax Mitchell
    Jax Mitchell19 days ago


  • Arman Takmazyan
    Arman Takmazyan19 days ago

    Kay common bro you were a faze og why did you have to end it like that hope you learned your lesson

  • Jadiel Gamer Plays

    Jadiel Gamer Plays

    18 days ago

    same man

  • melanie winter
    melanie winter19 days ago

    move to miami

  • VA Chaotic
    VA Chaotic19 days ago

    I don't think you'll be needing that anymore

  • Da Baby
    Da Baby19 days ago

    I thought you got kicked out the faze house

  • rBofu


    19 days ago

    he got kicked out 4days ago. this video was made a month ago.

  • Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    19 days ago

    This was weeks a go idiot

  • Carradean Farley
    Carradean Farley19 days ago

    Change name from FaZe to Fuck BoyZ Scamma Krew ASAP guys

  • Alex Tanner
    Alex Tanner19 days ago

    Oh is this the new Gingerbread Scamhouse?

  • rBofu


    19 days ago

    that he wont be living in

  • XWarriar.
    XWarriar.19 days ago

    For those who don't know, Kay got kicked from FaZe, 😩😭

  • SoulFly
    SoulFly19 days ago

    why is kay always so creepy about jarvis. everything about kays life is jarvis jarvis jarvis. i get there brothers but this is so odd

  • Paypal Services
    Paypal Services20 days ago

    USplan is dying, who else agrees?

  • Tyler De Lima
    Tyler De Lima20 days ago

    Imagine getting kicked from faze could not be meeee

  • Clips


    20 days ago

    I’m mean at least he was

  • Ma'sta Gates
    Ma'sta Gates20 days ago


  • Higasakii
    Higasakii20 days ago

    Hold dat l

  • Peter Boghossian
    Peter Boghossian20 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the sound it played after they showed Harrison's room.

  • Goldenfort Nite
    Goldenfort Nite20 days ago

    What did Kay do that’s all I wanna know

  • Outraged Gaming
    Outraged Gaming20 days ago

    Looks like you want be staying at the house lolz

  • Nate Mora
    Nate Mora20 days ago

    This is like the rpg bro