Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Desert

Surviving in middle of the Nevada Desert for 24 Hours Straight with FaZe Clan ft. @FaZe Jarvis @HanRidge @FaZe Nikan

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  • dephsmill
    dephsmill6 days ago

    Me beast be like

  • mattpaullmusic
    mattpaullmusic7 days ago

    Why won’t USplanrs do anything original these days.

  • Kaker Duchok
    Kaker Duchok17 days ago

    Faze kay u sounds and acts like really stop being morgz idiot

  • Shivers


    16 days ago

    Well he ain’t in faze anymore

  • Backpackboi 69
    Backpackboi 6920 days ago

    9:14 "Aminals" - Frazier

  • kimvsean09
    kimvsean0920 days ago

    Made cookinG station 4 meH beanz bro

  • Ishrak Abir
    Ishrak Abir20 days ago

    2:17 isn't Hannah like 24 Years old and Jarvis is like 20 or 19

  • bobpits
    bobpits21 day ago

    And now he lost all of this

  • Keiti Püü
    Keiti Püü23 days ago

    Kay: Aminals Me:Aminals🤣🤣🤣

  • (shadow)
    (shadow)24 days ago


  • Pixelonie
    Pixelonie26 days ago

    "they're are dangerous aminals"

  • _ar.79
    _ar.7926 days ago

    “Dangerous aminals at night”- kay

  • faze_scoped223
    faze_scoped22327 days ago


  • Erick-_-
    Erick-_-27 days ago

    He said aminals

  • eLiAs
    eLiAs27 days ago

    FaZe goes back to 1900 wild west.

  • x.elexie.x xxx
    x.elexie.x xxx28 days ago

    Hanna was like “ hug me brother “ 🤣🤣

  • Zluq God
    Zluq God28 days ago

    There's tarantula and black widow spiders there😐

  • computer_kid
    computer_kid28 days ago

    faze kay be like if he see a amial theres a aminal

  • Predyboypoison
    Predyboypoison29 days ago

    Yeah I don’t know that Mr. beast was from the Uk

  • Player
    PlayerMonth ago

    Mrbeast did this

  • LookImNOTaDefault
    LookImNOTaDefaultMonth ago

    Dude make up ur oen ideas dont steal others omg😔

  • chelzix
    chelzixMonth ago

    kay says aminals

  • Natalie Mullen
    Natalie MullenMonth ago

    Share love he was in the dazerd

  • Huma Isufaj
    Huma IsufajMonth ago

    He is copyin mr.beast

  • olive oli
    olive oliMonth ago

    Hannah trying to sleep with jarvis while trying to survive in the desert

  • Max is da Sour King 👑
    Max is da Sour King 👑Month ago

    Who saw kay pour juice in the flask

  • Red lynx gaming
    Red lynx gamingMonth ago

    wher are thy

  • Red lynx gaming
    Red lynx gamingMonth ago


  • gloxy
    gloxyMonth ago

    This looks famaliar

  • Jesse De Oliveira
    Jesse De OliveiraMonth ago

    I know Portuguese

  • Tyrone Sorra
    Tyrone SorraMonth ago

    wow MRbeast did so much better

  • James Railey Rose
    James Railey RoseMonth ago


  • Asma Khanom
    Asma KhanomMonth ago

    aminals nice grammer kay

  • Palistha Shrestha
    Palistha ShresthaMonth ago

    When Hannah tried to eat the desert dirt(or something... Idk how to pronounce) ... He asked "Jarvis are you gonna kiss her " and the Jarvis said yes I'll do it..... AHHH THATS SOO CUTE

  • Cosmin Tanase
    Cosmin TanaseMonth ago

    10:53 kay just slap hanna's buttttt

  • Donovan Luna
    Donovan LunaMonth ago

    Looks like you need Chris!!

  • Donovan Luna
    Donovan LunaMonth ago

    The front cover is same as Mr beast, have you met him in person?

  • notblxzed
    notblxzedMonth ago

    Mr.Beast 2.0 FaZe Kay letss gooooo

    YT_FASKEツMonth ago

    Smart hannah

  • Noxy
    NoxyMonth ago


  • Shiroii Haiki goodmealson
    Shiroii Haiki goodmealsonMonth ago


  • Thegamingpanda %
    Thegamingpanda %Month ago


  • kimvsean09
    kimvsean09Month ago

    I'm eatin baked beanz in da desert

  • kimvsean09
    kimvsean09Month ago

    Why do they need a fire 🔥 apart from the night tho 🤔

  • Jake Gadney
    Jake GadneyMonth ago


  • Wmarsh HOOPS
    Wmarsh HOOPSMonth ago

    AMINALS lmao

  • Yonas Wakeup
    Yonas WakeupMonth ago

    Bro her voice so fkn annoying

  • asamuki我
    asamuki我Month ago


  • Gabriel og Elias GoE
    Gabriel og Elias GoEMonth ago

    Frazier is hypet

  • Original
    OriginalMonth ago

    50 seconds inna video, faze kay:there are dangerous aminals

  • Ankle Collector
    Ankle CollectorMonth ago


  • mega boi
    mega boiMonth ago


  • Not_Rxiifnツ✔️
    Not_Rxiifnツ✔️Month ago

    Come to Dubai plz

  • James Llapitan
    James LlapitanMonth ago

    Copyright mrbeast video

  • Ivan
    IvanMonth ago

    Hannah is so dumb there isn't a taco bell in the desert >:(

  • Rabbitt Garcia
    Rabbitt GarciaMonth ago


  • Joan Perez
    Joan PerezMonth ago

    Try to be mr beast

  • Tyler Johnston
    Tyler JohnstonMonth ago

    Mr beast did this

    DRIFT KINGMonth ago

    When he was peeing into the pink bottle he turned around and you could see the bottle that he was pouring into the pink bottle

  • Susoka Z
    Susoka ZMonth ago

    Aminals really

  • Mase M
    Mase MMonth ago

    Gg gg

  • Shiny Furret:3
    Shiny Furret:3Month ago

    Is nobody talking about the “AMINALS”.

  • Jackson Reed
    Jackson ReedMonth ago

    Lol he’s not peeing I saw the apple juic in his hand😂😂😂

  • Kim Logue
    Kim LogueMonth ago

    That's me beasts video.

    JOSE SOLANOMonth ago

    Kay said aminals

  • Romeo Banatao
    Romeo BanataoMonth ago

    do more pls

  • The jelloco
    The jellocoMonth ago

    You did because I saw a bucket of apple juice

  • Food1356O
    Food1356OMonth ago

    Mrbeast Ben Azelart and now Kay, plus they’ve all got the same layout

  • ContractPlays
    ContractPlaysMonth ago

    At 0:52 did he say aminals 😂 😂 😂

  • Antony Sucre
    Antony SucreMonth ago


  • Aryaan Islam
    Aryaan IslamMonth ago

    Did he say aminals

  • Zozo
    ZozoMonth ago

    Mission complete

  • Landon Haralson
    Landon HaralsonMonth ago

    Are they dating

  • gunna getya
    gunna getyaMonth ago

    I'm so scared about the animals 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kay is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Timeless
    TimelessMonth ago

    Sees him pouring a chug of apple juice in the bottle

  • fortnite_king 456
    fortnite_king 456Month ago


  • Jnop skip
    Jnop skipMonth ago nobody gonna talk about how their wearing sweaters in the desert 😳 and in 10:30 Hannah said “I’m so cold” 😳

  • 23EBK
    23EBK2 months ago

    get hanna out she ruins the videos

  • Devin Lin
    Devin Lin2 months ago


  • Reds Munro
    Reds Munro2 months ago

    As soon as Kay got deans I bet Chris ran over to see Em

  • it's earth worm sally
    it's earth worm sally2 months ago


  • Jaylen Vang
    Jaylen Vang2 months ago

    This video is the best one I ever seen

  • F2H2R
    F2H2R2 months ago

    0:52 AMINALS😂

  • Marik
    Marik2 months ago

    How many MrBeast Fakers are there!?

    XPRO FROZEN2 months ago

    Kay: im scared of the aminals around the tent

  • Jovan Segura
    Jovan Segura2 months ago

    He said aminals

  • Dario Dew
    Dario Dew2 months ago


  • Sonia Schofield
    Sonia Schofield2 months ago

    Hi mother

  • Nehemiah Salhab
    Nehemiah Salhab2 months ago


  • Rolex21
    Rolex212 months ago

    Am I the only one who finds Hannah annoying?

  • Jon Forsberg
    Jon Forsberg2 months ago

    Congrats on 6 million Kay

  • Hollie brooks
    Hollie brooks2 months ago


  • Adrian Demessie
    Adrian Demessie2 months ago

    My guy said aminals

  • arthur falkeneberg
    arthur falkeneberg2 months ago

    mr beast is typing........

  • Aj tj the gamers !
    Aj tj the gamers !2 months ago

    when u say homeless their achily homeless

  • Hyper Active
    Hyper Active2 months ago


  • Zayn Baig
    Zayn Baig2 months ago

    Are you still in England Frasier

    WALEED ELHAYEKBG2 months ago

    Did he steal the idea from mrbeast?

  • Manuel Reyes

    Manuel Reyes

    2 months ago


  • Simon Malaga
    Simon Malaga2 months ago

    Seriously again . . .

  • Frenkli
    Frenkli2 months ago

    He did not even give credit to mrbeast

  • Akanksha Singh
    Akanksha Singh2 months ago