We Got Kicked From The FaZe House *Not Clickbait*

we got kicked from the faze house *not clickbait* ft. @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Teeqo @HanRidge @TeaWap

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  • Jonathan Carrillo
    Jonathan Carrillo2 hours ago


  • HumbleHadToMumble
    HumbleHadToMumble3 hours ago


  • Storm Playz
    Storm Playz4 hours ago

    I miss the faze in his name :(

  • TSMFazeNinja
    TSMFazeNinja6 hours ago

    Move to Ohio or Texas

  • Dixzy_ 0
    Dixzy_ 07 hours ago


  • tythepro123
    tythepro1238 hours ago

    Kay says he got kicked out of the faze house: 4 months later.. kicked from the faze clan

  • iCalvin
    iCalvin19 hours ago

    you cant kick someone out of the state…

  • El Ryan
    El Ryan20 hours ago

    Deserved it

  • anonymous visoter22
    anonymous visoter2222 hours ago

    I bet it was the dj cook video

  • Leila the cat123
    Leila the cat123Day ago

    This aged like fine wine

  • ConmanYT
    ConmanYTDay ago


  • OptixSkulzzz
    OptixSkulzzzDay ago

    Come live in my Gaf In 🇬🇧

  • Heaven_ X
    Heaven_ XDay ago


  • 4.l!f€.$hiestyあせ
    4.l!f€.$hiestyあせDay ago

    6:53 he said Justin's lyrics.

  • Savage Rampage
    Savage RampageDay ago

    This aged well

  • Hansemann Fiskerstrand
    Hansemann FiskerstrandDay ago

    I hope faze clan Will get new house!

  • Hansemann Fiskerstrand
    Hansemann FiskerstrandDay ago

    Will faze clan get new house?

  • Fraser Tait
    Fraser TaitDay ago

    Wait so he still in faze or is he actually out of faze now

  • bg Israel blockman go
    bg Israel blockman goDay ago

    Hi 2021

  • Madara Muhseni
    Madara Muhseni2 days ago

    wHeRe Do YoU BuY cOfFiE

  • Jose Vazquez
    Jose Vazquez2 days ago

    Let go he got kick out from the faze clan and house

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez2 days ago

    I’m so sorry for what happend just remember that I’m here to support you

  • Chloe Brittain
    Chloe Brittain2 days ago

    Are u kicked out of faze house or faze clan

  • carter beast 22
    carter beast 222 days ago

    I don’t believe it I think they want to move

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh2 days ago


    TTV CLIXZY2 days ago

    Bro teawap is at the lowest point of his life and he’s just making things funny 😭. I hope you guys get better I love you guys. ❤️

  • M7killer almehrzi
    M7killer almehrzi2 days ago

    U deserve this

  • mcyt funny moments
    mcyt funny moments2 days ago

    Come bunk with me homie

  • Cole Shinsky
    Cole Shinsky2 days ago

    He is never lied in his life he does not deserve this

  • Name
    Name3 days ago

    Well now you good gone lmao

  • lxmonxlxme
    lxmonxlxme3 days ago

    The name kay just doesn’t hit right….

  • Orestis
    Orestis3 days ago

    Simpson’s 2.0

  • Bro GI
    Bro GI3 days ago

    How come your hotel had led lights shining on the doorway?

  • Shad_ ow
    Shad_ ow3 days ago

    Man the others got suspended don't pull them down with you

  • SKE shorba
    SKE shorba3 days ago

    This aged really well.

  • CrispyChris 9000
    CrispyChris 90003 days ago

    This nigga really predicted the exactly members who got kicked

  • Mike Rxq
    Mike Rxq3 days ago

    You should try living in Texas it’s very cheap and they have amazing three stories to two-story houses

  • Mike Rxq

    Mike Rxq

    3 days ago

    And also I live there

  • Michael Hemphill
    Michael Hemphill4 days ago

    Al bc of Justin Bieber omg

  • Gamingxd Vids
    Gamingxd Vids4 days ago

    Hope you find a house to live in🙂

  • evan
    evan4 days ago

    best prediction of 2021

  • AERO gaming
    AERO gaming4 days ago

    Well what if they just went back into the old trick shot cod days

  • Soma’s WRLD
    Soma’s WRLD4 days ago

    I got a house in Arizona come swing buy it’s a 7 bedroom 9 bathroom 3 story huge backyard 5 acre 😏

  • FT1226
    FT12264 days ago


  • Joey Forgas
    Joey Forgas4 days ago


  • Banele Magadla
    Banele Magadla4 days ago

    Being banned from fort to banned from California

  • Country714 1
    Country714 14 days ago

    Great prediction

  • XyanKiller
    XyanKiller4 days ago

    JB videos lol

  • Kaleb Self
    Kaleb Self5 days ago

    Let’s gooo no one likes you

  • Shanaki san
    Shanaki san5 days ago

    This aged like fine wine

  • ItzBloz
    ItzBloz5 days ago

    Im sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ahmed KayukiTV
    Ahmed KayukiTV5 days ago

    OMG WOW watching this now is so crazy, This is the kind of video they should make for their fans

  • Dan Plays
    Dan Plays5 days ago


  • gamer_lv 2012
    gamer_lv 20125 days ago

    😔😔😔 faze_kay is now kay 😭😭😭

  • KASHIL padyachy
    KASHIL padyachy5 days ago

    I pray that u have a more successful life after this

  • KASHIL padyachy
    KASHIL padyachy5 days ago

    Let's hope they take u back bro

  • layup logan
    layup logan5 days ago

    my parents own a 3 story here in louisiana if u wanna stay. it’s pretty late tho

  • Ced tzy
    Ced tzy5 days ago

    How to predict future

  • 💥DAMAGE💥
    💥DAMAGE💥5 days ago

    Aged kind of well

  • Prod. Angel
    Prod. Angel5 days ago

    Well...This aged well.

  • Dark shadow
    Dark shadow6 days ago

    How he know this was gonna happen??

  • galaxdylan
    galaxdylan6 days ago

    I have a house we’re you could live in

  • WaltWhitman
    WaltWhitman6 days ago

    seems like you've been kicked from more than just the house

  • AsianOstrich 68
    AsianOstrich 686 days ago

    Well I mean, you’re not wrong

  • AsianOstrich 68

    AsianOstrich 68

    6 days ago

    Also funny that he called the other 2 people involved to his place, TO BE IN A VIDEO

  • Rushardo Lowe
    Rushardo Lowe6 days ago

    what up there can not do that there can not kick you from the FaZe

  • /i hate sponges

    /i hate sponges

    6 days ago

    When only 1 brain cell

  • toady
    toady6 days ago

    Well this is funny

  • RBG Flußh
    RBG Flußh6 days ago

    I'm just now finding out about this

  • Lucas the Canadian
    Lucas the Canadian6 days ago

    He’s not faze Kay any more

  • Avos
    Avos7 days ago

    Good you deserve everything that comes too you

  • Auro
    Auro7 days ago

    Well that aged well.

  • Chris Omalley
    Chris Omalley7 days ago

    When it becomes a reality

  • Beanie
    Beanie7 days ago

    Why was kay even in faze clan

  • Nagata
    Nagata7 days ago

    Hey man although I do have a house in Texas it’s where I live it’s 400,000 grand and it’s a 4 story house lmk

  • Real djpoopoo
    Real djpoopoo8 days ago

    Let’s go u got kicked from FaZe thx for making FaZe better

  • Char's Creations
    Char's Creations8 days ago

    just move to florida

  • RedBloodCat
    RedBloodCat8 days ago

    hahahhaha, so fucking good timing

  • Dominic Vall
    Dominic Vall8 days ago

    Come to Pittsburgh

  • Grave


    8 days ago


  • Jake Sins
    Jake Sins8 days ago

    I think u mean kicked from faze in general buddy

  • Olivia R
    Olivia R8 days ago


  • It’s Jay
    It’s Jay8 days ago

    He wore the same shirt and face when he actually got kicked.

  • Can The new teams
    Can The new teams9 days ago

    Predicted the future

  • tavo the gamer
    tavo the gamer9 days ago

    But why did you have to do these justin bieber videos especially chasing him texting random celebrities is cool but especially when you text justin bieber's girlfriend I mean...you could live with with the younger faze member rip faze house forever...

  • Syla
    Syla9 days ago

    This didnt age well

  • nikos
    nikos9 days ago

    homeless ... homeless ...homeless

  • Josiah S.
    Josiah S.9 days ago

    come to Minnesota bro

  • FaZe_yoda1456
    FaZe_yoda14569 days ago

    This video is serious tbh I feel bad for faze kay

  • Omqxzxyli x̸
    Omqxzxyli x̸9 days ago


  • Azxy
    Azxy9 days ago

    man predicted the future

  • Jūśtñ
    Jūśtñ10 days ago

    Faze clan I’m sorry for what’s going on mate you guys are amazing stay strong and keep going :(

  • Ever Ever
    Ever Ever10 days ago

    This aged very very well 🤐

  • Unknown_Wildcat
    Unknown_Wildcat10 days ago

    this aged well

  • Juice box
    Juice box10 days ago

    This aged like milk

  • Fortnit 52
    Fortnit 5210 days ago

    Cloverdale California doesn’t have any famous people here so technically he wouldn’t be able to tell anybody so you can move here

  • ZExl Mizzel
    ZExl Mizzel10 days ago

    2:43 is the sadest

  • monster bob
    monster bob10 days ago


  • RespectMyYellows
    RespectMyYellows10 days ago

    mans got some broken observation haki

  • vandna sharma
    vandna sharma10 days ago


  • Tiara and Diar Sejdiu
    Tiara and Diar Sejdiu10 days ago

    All right why i am crying right now 😭😭😭😭😭😭why faze manager why who will i wach you guys were my fav my last words are pls reaply to this comment jarvis you are my idl you encourage me to be the best fortnite player in my class and if i could let you in my hoses i would my its covid 19 if you need help i got yall

  • iVaide
    iVaide10 days ago

    U got kicked From Faze Clan but jarvis and teeqo and nikan are suspended from faze till further notice. Im not bein toxic kay i feel bad for u

  • skek reck
    skek reck10 days ago

    i caan mimagine the stress broo

  • Adil vby
    Adil vby10 days ago

    I know its unfair

  • Ds Production

    Ds Production

    10 days ago